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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After Action Review

Cooler than Key West, but still Sunny and still pleasant
We’ve been home now for nearly a week. It always seems to take this long to settle down into a sense of normalcy. From unloading the 5th wheel camper, to mental reminders about little improvements that I wanted to tackle once home. The real good mind settling fact is that the weather is certainly cooperating! Sure, the nights are cool or even cold, but the sun has been shining and warming up just nicely. The afternoons are in the low 70’s degrees. This is perfect for outside work, play or just sitting by the outside fireplace and staring blankly at the brook, forest and wildlife.
It seems like it was ages ago that we were walking the beach, in Jacksonville, and thinking all of this was coming to an end. Our time, in Key West, was certainly a blessing this past winter. Our countless friends that we’ve met and continue to communicate with help from electronic devices keep the memories alive. Sally and her black Lab “Angel” took us to another level of friendship.
How's the Fishing?
All of this friendship, I attribute to our being banded together by our location on a military RV campground. With 172 sites and a potential of 344 spouses, we were exposed to a lot of same age military background people. This type of exposer has a different twist from being in the active military. Yes, I’m talking of spouses who play into the social mix of things. They are the organizers, doers who make things happen. Credit must be given to them!
Blue Angel "Our Protectors"
I can’t forget the active military, who train in Key West, FL. One does not see large groups of soldiers, airmen and sailors, but I can assure you there are many in the area or just off shore. Did I forget to mention the Marines? They are also here along with a healthy presence of Coast Guardsmen and Woman. My hat goes off to all and I salute you.
Along with the above, is the Border Patrol and the Joint Force Command, comprising of several nations from Central America. One of their big missions is drug interdiction in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.
Key West, FL is military! When one walks the streets here, you can’t help but notice most of the manhole covers have large 10 inch letters embossed with “US NAVY”. They have been here from the beginning. They own large portions of Key West. They have given a lot away, including a good portion of the docking areas.
The ride home was as expected. Slow to start, visiting places and relatives. Once we were not that far north and the weather decreased in temperature, it was a no brainer to continue driving north to our warm home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

That is what we saw and did!

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