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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last week we checked out a couple of slide-in truck camper dealers in the southern part of the state. There are  my many choices, most of them are determined by two factors; cost and what weight limits our truck can safely carry. We easily eliminated two classes, the slide-outs (cost) and (weight). My vision was to buy a used unit. At Truck Camper Warehouse there were many new units with not so many used. Bill Penney, owner was very useful and gave us some good info, he said that he had actually helped in the design of a new Northstar camper.   I am an avid reader of "Truck Camper Magazine" (online magazine) [Back home I checked out his story on line.
We headed to our second dealer, Polar RV Sales in Salem, NH and were amazed at all of the used campers here, Dan the owner gave so much info that we were nearly overwhelmed. We were saved from making a decision by darkness around four-thirty. We would returned Saturday after a scheduled vehicle maintenance appointment in Manchester.
On our second early morning visit we had clear mind and choices were more defined. We decided on a 2004 Lance camper model 1025, this camper was not his but here on consignment . The owner wanted $13,500 we wanted to spend around $7,000, Dan would relay our offer and get back to us, a couple of days later the call came in with a $10,000 price. I told Dan I would counter offer a $8,000. It is January and not exactly camping weather here in New England, the owner might need the cash in hand soon, who knows? The luck of the draw, he accepted. The deal is nearly complete as of this blog.

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