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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ogunquit, ME ~ Buddy Holly Story!

The Pre-journey post...

The weather up here in Northern New Hampshire is already turning very Fall-sh! The foliage is nearly at 50%. The reds, yellows and greens are spectacular. When the sun does shine it is the ultimate in photographic splendor. I said "when" the sun does shine. Most days are now partially overcast with fog and or rain. It is the best time of the year and also the saddest. It means that the days are getting shorter (3 hrs less of daylight) so far.The temperature is going down into the mid-thirties. It is a time to reflect on this past summer activities, a time to think of the upcoming winter. A time to drain the irrigation system, a time to install grade stakes around the property to prevent the snow plow from digging up the lawn and flower beds. I have done most of these chores. Oh ya, I still have to get on the roof and clean the chimneys. While up there, I'll check the gutters for leaves and debris.

It is time to enjoy the fall! Next weekend seems to be 'weather wise" a good weekend. We purchased tickets online for the "Buddy Holly Story" at the Ogunquit Playhouse for next Saturday. We are planning a long weekend and I will load the Truck Camper and we will tour a little bit of the southern Maine area. The foliage should be at near peak around here and hopefully well started in the southern parts of New Hampshire and Maine.

Colors nearly at peak!
As I sit here writing this blog my mind is already thinking, or I should say drifting towards warmer climates. Quartzsite, Arizona seems to always creep in. More on this later on a follow up post.

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