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Sunday, May 5, 2013

“Baby” Boomers On The Move…Logo Update!

I added the “Baby” to the Boomers On The Move (Logo) on the truck camper today. Some people that we met on our adventure trips actually thought that our last name was “Boomers”. This should clarify that we are of the (World War II) “Baby Boomer Generation”.

The "Baby" added to the "Boomers
On The Move"
I also worked on increasing the lean-to height in back of the shop. That is where the camper sleeps when its not visiting across the country. The increased height is necessary because I added a couple of Max Air shrouds over the existing vents. Now we can leave the vents open for ventilation without the danger of rain coming in. My little modifications are not a must, but do make life a little easier.
I need to work next week on that front mount for the future generator. It will be June before I know it and I want to be ready for our little jaunt to the Northeast up into Nova Scotia, Saint Johns and possibly into Labrador. Several factors will decide if and when we try to accomplish this journey. Family health, future work commitments, weather and of course the unknown! I don’t expect to be gone for a long time, maybe a couple to three weeks. It’s always open to change, that’s what good about being semiretired.SunWe could have sun, a rainbowRainbow or maybe aStorm cloudrainy summer. We are in a canoe going down the gentle river without a paddle. We’ll see where it will take us!
That is what we are planning to do and see

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