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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sackville to Lincoln, Maine…The High Tide

Friday Aug. 2nd
A Warning!
The forecast for today…sunny this morning, with rain coming this afternoon. “OK, here is the game plan”! We would travel down the  Fundy Coastal Drive and visit the famous “Hopewell Rocks” This is the place that has the world highest tides. When there is a full moon the tide will rise a whopping 47 feet! The Hopewell Rocks are accessible by walking to them at low tide. They tell us that there is about 3 hours to get in and out before the tide cuts you off from the main land.
When we got there, unfortunately, high tide was cresting. Now they also said that there wasn’t a full moon and the tide came in at 36 feet. This was actually good for our little visit. We would be able to walk along part of the beach.
From the Visitor Center, to the Hopewell Rocks, is about a 15 minute walk down a wide forested path. It was fairly early and only a few visitors were present. This was a good thing as the parking lot looked like it could hold hundreds of cars and buses.

So Nice!
Down on the boardwalk overlook was our first view of the “Rocks”! Great photo opportunity! We descended several metal stairs and took pictures at every level. At the bottom, we had five to ten feet of beach to wonder and again get those incredible shots. A few minutes later, a bunch of sea kayaks appeared and started to paddle underneath the arches. Again this was a great photo opportunity.
Mary Lane and Me
With camera in hand, we headed for the truck and drove south to the Maine border. A couple of hours later in rained nearly steady until we reached the US Custom in Calais, Maine. One of the Custom Officer said, “ New Hampshire National Guard plates” “Yes Sir”, I replied. What unit were you with? I said “A” Btry 2/197th FA. He said, “I’m with a sister unit up here in Maine. Than another Custom Officer, said, “I was an FO”, (Forward Observer). He also said that guy over there was also in the Guard. I felt like we were having a family reunion. We pulled into Calais to gas up the truck. $3.81 a per gal. I don’t know what the price back home is right now, but it cost me $90.00 instead of the usual $130 in Canada.
It was time to make a decision, which we did and visited my oldest 2nd cousin, in Lincoln, Maine. It was a thirty mile detour, but cousin Mary was very happy to see us. She just turned 100 years old on March 6th of this year. We talked for a while and said our good-byes. Tonight we parked in a school parking lot in Lincoln, not wanting to bother cousin Mary.
Tomorrow the home stretch!
That is what we did and saw!

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