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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn…The Beauty Followed By Despair!

Oct 6, 2013

In just seven days the weather and scenery has gone from being the best to: “oh, no winter is coming”. The leaf colors are still there, but seventy-five percent of them are now curling up
Leaves keep falling ♫

It still picturesque!

on the ground. The skies went from deep blue to overcast in that light gray color that says… “I’ll be sending you rain soon followed by snow”. Do I sound depressed? Well, yes and no. I hate the winters which is the “yes” part and the “no” part is that I might be closer to heading down to Key West, FL. For some people, winter means skiing, snow machine riding, skating, snowshoeing, ice fishing, which is good for them. Myself, I don’t do well in the cold…never did even when I was a kid. I had asthma (past tense) and can remember being all dressed for the cold weather and playing outside a short time and then getting all sweaty followed by that clammy cold feeling. FreezingThen the asthma would kick in! The preceding link says it all! Check it out please.

I can’t let the weather get me down! We most likely will not head south until after the holidays. I've got a bunch of projects to occupy my time, until the big Ford heads for the south. I've got to install radiant heating under my office floor. Both the master bathroom and the main bathroom will also get radiant under floor heating. The bathrooms will also get a major face lift with ceramic floor tiles and new wall coverings. The radiant heating components have been ordered and should be here by mid-week. Yes, if anybody is wondering, I will be installing all of this by myself. The tag for this blog is…Upcoming Travel Adventure! Well, when I start doing any plumbing or heating you can be sure that I
Its snowing leaves!
will be traveling, many times, to the building supply center for materials and more materials! It is always an “Adventure”.

Another of my upcoming projects is detailing my Ford F-550 dump truck. I will be selling this gem after the first of the year. It is a 2002 model year with only 14,350 miles on it. Someone will get a deal on this truck.
I will slowly wrap up this fall’s projects and feel much better with them completed and behind before leaving for Key West. I've got a few Soccer games to attend and watch my grandson, Sawyer, score points for the team. My granddaughter, Aspen also plays Soccer and sometimes the games overlap and then it really is a travelling adventure running between both games.

That is what we plan and did!

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