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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Day's Ride to Another Country

Wednesday, July 9th 2014
First day on the road and I feel beat! Not my usual upbeat self. This is because yesterday was a day of packing and running around. I usually am in the sack by 9:30 or so. Last night, we were winding down well after
New River Provincial Park
11:30pm. At proximately 11:20pm, the power to the whole city went out. We stumbled into bed in the darkness. It seems that all of our good flashlights were in the camper. As soon as I was under the covers, Helen said “What about all the food in the camper fridge?” I got up and went to the camper, just outside our upper garage. I turned on the propane and after three try's it stayed lit. (This hesitation usually happens when the propane lines have not been purged enough). Back to bed and ten minutes later the electric power comes back on. Now the TV comes back on along with two computers. I said to myself, “I’d better get up and get everything squared away. Oh, yes, I’d  better go out to the camper and switch back over to AC and save propane for the road trip.
New River Provincial Beach

Now you have some idea why I’m tired today. We drove 325 miles, crossed over into New Brunswick, Canada. We decided to find a Provincial Campground. New Beach PC was our destination for this first night. Remember the hurricane that went up the east this past weekend? Arthur was his name and four days later they still haven’t restored electrical power. No problem with us! That generator is humming just sweetly. The only problem was that the Provincial Park wouldn’t lower the rate except for our senior citizen discount. $25.00 is a hefty price to pay for overnight parking. We’ll be out of this Province tomorrow and things should get back into place.
New Beach Township, NB
Oh, I must mention the weather. It was up to 88 degrees driving over here. In just ten minutes, the temperature dropped down to 59 degrees here near St George. A cool fog bank rolled in off the ocean. Later after dinner the sun boiled through and the temps rose to a comfortable level. We took a walk down by the beach and watched the tide crest around 8 pm. (Already a one hour time change)

That’s what we did and saw!

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