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Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 18th to Jan 21st …Key West Life Style

On Sunday, the 18th, we headed over to the Navy Club House to watch one of many football games. Biking across town, we noticed that the street lights were off and Key West had lost power. When we reached the club house over at Truman Annex, the power returned, but all of the satellite feeds needed to be rebooted. This didn’t happen and many football fans were not happy. It’s sort of fun to watch all of the people pick teams. Remember, they are from all over the country and support many teams. The staff put on a movie, but the sport fans were loud and streaming football games on their cell phones. As it turned out, we couldn’t listen to the movie, which looked interesting. We called it a day and headed back to Trumbo and did some reading.
Jan 19th, Monday
Today we would be active as we both played Boccie for the first time! Leaving the campground at Trumbo Point, we biked about a mile to the Boccie courts.
Before the Boccie Start 
We were well greeted and introduced to the game. You pick a card and suit which puts you on a different team for every game. They do the score keeping and the rest is a very easy game. It turned out that we both did very well for the first time playing this sport.

Later in the afternoon, we toured our neighbors, Jim and Betty’s, fifth wheel trailer. Pretty roomy compared to the truck camper! This maybe putting a bug in our ear about upgrading. Still thinking about our travels abroad next fall.
Helen's first Boccie pitch!
Maybe, staying in Europe for a extended stay…who knows what the future adventures will bring to this energetic couple.

Jan 20th, Tuesday
Another first for me. Yup!  Yoga Class! So we walk-in and there are maybe ten guys and thirty women sitting on mats. I want to be in the rear so I can watch and copy the different moves. The instructor, a young girl, perfectly shaped body, wearing these tights with colored designs that make her look like she was tattooed. She got my attention when she started the class. I discovered that it is hard to follow just by listening to her. I had to watch the girl next to me to get the moves somewhat correct. After getting into the relaxed frame of mind, I started to stretch muscles that hadn’t been stretch for thirty years. After an hour of the Yoga class, my body actually felt in better shape. This may help my five bulging disk to get back into position.   
Peaceful Boccie Night in Key West!

Jan 21st, Wednesday
On this day, I conference called one of my last four Berlin Water Works Board Meetings. My term ends in April and I will not seek another term. It’s time to retire! It was sort of neat to have me in Key West, FL, Roland, the newly retired Superintendent in Homosassa, FL and the rest of the board back in Berlin, NH all conducting business so many miles apart.
On this day, Paulette Lowry, a former 1963 classmate contacted us. She was getting ready to check-in here at the military campground in Key West. I conveyed as much information to her and her sister as how to access the base and such. Later in the afternoon, we met up with them up at Sigsbee Naval Air Station. Let me say this about RV’s here in Key West. Because of cold weather across the entire US and the fact that gas prices have lowered this place is packed! They never refuse anybody, but they’ve temporarily been parking RV’s on the street for no charge.
We took Paulette and Jeanette on a walking tour of Key West, down by Mallory Square for the evening. We had dinner at the Commodore Dock Side Restaurant. The neat thing about a lot of restaurants is the half price appetizers between 4 and 7pm. It was an enjoyable evening for all of us. We walked back to Trumbo Point and I gave the girls a ride back to their luxurious motor home. 

That is what we saw and did!


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