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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Its Five O'clock Somewhere!

There is a tradition here at Trumbo Point that around five o'clock, especially on Fridays, but not limited to Fridays, to gather at someone's RV and have a party, dinner, or social get together. Last night was such an event. Ron,
Chef Tommy
who recently got engaged to Lygandia had a homecoming party for her arrival here in Key West. Lygandia, who goes by the nickname of Lala. She said her name was derived from two American Indian tribes. I didn't get the exact full story, but for now she is Lala and maybe "O La La!". A bunch of guys were in charge of the BBQ which explains why the quantities
Lala on the right
of food were on the abundant side. They barbequed 20 lbs. of chicken, 10 lbs. of hamburg. The ladies brought everything else. Tommy, retired "Coasty" did an outstanding job behind the grill. We all ate more than we should have and with Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mouse for desserts, we were happy and full.

It is truly amazing how the camaraderie is everywhere in this 99% military retired community. The only other place that I have found this type of friendship was in a National
Welcome Committee Girls
Guard Unit back in New Hampshire. I presume that is because Guard members are together as a unit for years and friendships develop over time. Regular Army units are rotated every few years and the bonds aren't made as easily. Here at Trumbo Point, the military service is all behind us, but that is what bonds us. All the branches are here and no arguments on who's the best.

Disney Cruise Ship in background
Two nights ago, we were out again doing some night photography. It was unusual to see one of the cruise ships stay in port after sundown. They leave before sunset in order to eliminate an extra dock fee. Now we talking about $25,000 to $30,000 a day docking fee. I was told that is about $11 per passenger. I'm getting off subject. I got some good photos of the "Disney Magic" cruise ship. They did a "Disney" super job of colorful lighting on this Disney production.
Giant Disney Cruise Ship
We continued our nights' walk and took more night photos down on Duval and Caroline streets.

Yesterday, we met this couple who have traveled the world on "Space A" (space available travel with the US military.) Of course, the best part of this is that's free. This is not a given that you sign up for a flight and get accepted, but with a little patience you get to go to places that are neat to visit. The tips that Mike and Alice have given us are invaluable and will, I'm sure help us on our quest to visit Europe
That is what Helen does while I'm
doing night photography!
in the coming year. I just can't wait! We walked down to the Two Friends Bar and Restaurant and had dinner with them. Naturally, the topic of discussion was Space A, lodging, places to visit, how to pack and keep the weight down to 30 lbs. and still bring everything you need for a minimum of about a month stay. They explained how to get flights in Europe to out of the way places with high
(World Space A Travelers) Mike, Alice,
 Helen, Lucien
ranking officers, how to check into the terminal daily to see what, where, and flights coming and going. Story after story were incredible!

Sunday, with our busy schedule, we still found the time to volunteer at St Mary's Soup Kitchen on Flagler Ave. I cooked 20 lbs. of hamburg and two 5 gal pots of noodles. Of course, Mike the lead team leader oversaw my amateur cooking abilities. This operation took place mid morning until noon. We left and later returned at 3:30 for the 4pm dinner serving.  
It is now Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 and we are at Bill and Mary's annual "Hot Dog Party" Bill joined the military on this date in 1948. Bill has been doing this event for a very long time. His time in service has been a rewarding career. He honors all veterans by having this annual "Hot Dog Party"
Mary and Bill
There was 68 who attended and one very special guest who is called "Colonel Bill". He is a former Marine World War II fighter pilot, fought in Korea and Vietnam. He is 94 years old and still rides his bike. It was an honor to meet him. We had tons of food that the ladies brought to party. The hot dogs were the giant size type. Sauerkraut with steam dogs or grilled were available. Deserts from homemade rum cake, blueberry cake, cream puffs and countless more. I'm having to really concentrate on riding the bike more aggressively to keep the weight from going on instead going off.
Bill and Colonel Bill...Two great soldiers!!

A few days ago I noticed an RV coming into Trumbo Point with a NH license plate. He stopped and I asked him where in NH he was from. Bow, NH was his answer. He asked me where I was from and I said "Berlin". To make a long story shorter...I have breakfast every Friday with his brother when I'm home. It was Mark Vaillancourt's brother Clem!
Me, Helen, Sandy and Clem
It is truly a small world!

That's is what we did and saw!


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