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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boomers On The Move...Space "A" Travel

On the light rail to Baltimore

A new journey begins! This time we are taking on a little International travel with the AMC (Air Mobility Command). That is (retired military… Space “A” (available) travel. Our journey began a couple of days ago as we left our home town of Berlin and drove down to Manchester to stay over night at my brother’s home. He and his wife Monique are always very accommodating in putting up with our adventure plans. A place to park our vehicle for an extended time, a place to sleep and always a unique tour of Manchester’s new developments.

Baltimore Inner Harbo
We had a scheduled flight from Manchester to Baltimore on Southwest that went out without a hitch. At BWI airport, we picked up our luggage and got directions to the AMC terminal for our overseas flight to Aviano, Italy. The AMC Terminal was large, new and empty of passengers. Three Air Force personnel were at the desk. We checked in with no problems, but were told that the flight to Aviano was delayed 24 hours. Oh, well, they always say “the one thing definite about Space A is that nothing is definite!
Ball Fans...Red Sox playing here tonight!
Fun Dinning on the waterfront!
We arrived three hours before our traveling buddies Sam and Joan. After the AMC check in, we walked back to the Southwest terminal to greet Sam and Joan. Next order of business was to secure a place to stay. The AMC Senior Airman gave me a
phone number to call and in no time we had a discount room at the Sheraton. The shuttle came to the airport and picked us up. So far so good! We were looking for some place to visit and have dinner. Then, Terri the receptionist at the desk, gave us a wonderful tip. We were actually thinking of visiting Washington, DC, taking a tour or something, but she recommended instead of going down to the Baltimore Harbor. She said, “It’s a beautiful area, plenty of restaurants to eat, plenty of things to look at and visit. Ok, that was our adventure for today. The shuttle took us to the train station. Buying a ticket was a challenge, but we finally figured the machine and got a senior day pass for $2.00 each. Now we got on the
right train and with the help of locals, waiting for the train, we were set to get off at the right station, thirteen stops down the track and maybe twenty-five minutes later, we were walking towards the harbor.
The weather here in downtown Baltimore was perfect. The harbor area, as promised, was filled with people enjoying everything from shopping, dinning, jogging and sightseeing. Baltimore is noted for Crabs! With many dinning establishments we had a difficult time to choose one, but finally we settled on a seafood sports-bar. The seafood was excellent! A leisurely walk along the docks after dinner completed our harbor experience. It was now time to backtrack. Getting on the right train and getting off at the right station was a precise operation which we carried out flawlessly.
That is what we saw and did!

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