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Friday, March 4, 2016

Dusk to Dawn


Living Room ~ Reflection
One of the most enjoyable “private of times” that I’ve experienced, here in the Key West, is my early, early morning walk to the washroom. What I’m talking about, is walking out of the camper door and looking up! The moon and stars are crisp and bright. The horizon has some dim city lights, but for the most part, the heavens are clearly visible. It was brought to my attention that the Keys are a perfect place to view the stars and firmament. This statement was said by 600 Astronomers, who recently descended on the Keys to view the planets. For a time, a long time, in the month of February, the planets were all lined up in a vertical line from due East to the West. Another reason for viewing the stars is the simple fact that the nights are not cold. I know if I was home up in New Hampshire, I certainly wouldn’t be outside at six in the morning with the temperature down to 18 degrees. In any event, I enjoy my little three minute walk up the shower room.
After doing my morning duties, the walk back to the camper is also rewarding. By now the sun has not risen, but the horizon is now glowing a very bright orange! Its even better if a few scattered clouds are present. The colors explode!
From the Bridge to Fleming Key
Back at the camper, Helen is usually already gone to the shower room. I like to cook my own breakfast and get that started. Coffee on, getting the frying pan on the stove and I like to “pan grill” my toast! I always have to decide what’s on the menu for this morning’s breakfast. Cereal, oatmeal, maybe eggsover easy with hash browns, it always works out.
By this time, I’ve got all the shades up and the sun is exploding light all over the living room, my breakfast is finished and than I take to my recliner in the living room and sip on my hot coffee and relax watching the birds start their day. Pelicans start in small groups of three and soar above the channel between Trumbo Point and Fleming Key. These Pelicans are juveniles, I’m told, and are just learning the migration ritual. They will be here until the end of March before migrating North. Soon many other species are flying above the campground. All are silhouetted against the bright morning sun light.

Daily Routine

During Lent, we attend 7:30 mass at Basilica St Mary Star of the Sea before starting the days activities. If other commitments don’t interfere, I will do my power bike run on Fleming Key. This involves pedaling hard for 12 miles, nonstop. This may sound grueling, but I’m getting used to it now and this 12 mile run takes around 50 minutes. My personal goal is to break the 1000 miles on the bike’s odometer. That’s not 1000 miles this winter, but a good 500 doubling last year’s goal. I feel confident that I will meet my goal. I’ve got over halfway completed already. If I ride another eleven days, I will be over my goal.

On the Beach or Lecture Room

Our Gated Community Security
One would think that we would be sitting on the beach all day soaking up the sun! That is not the case. Amazingly we are busy attending different activities from Bocce, computer classes at the Monroe County Library (free), meeting friends for lunch, maybe helping fellow RV campers with maintenance issues and so fort. We have also been interested in going to different lectures on different topics from photography of Cuba to history topics such as the “Spanish American War” which was very prominent in Key West history. The sinking of the “Battleship Maine” (which now is disputed…more likely an internal explosion in a coal bunker which further exploded the ammunition magazine.) I never realized that the Spanish American War resulted in our acquisition or influence of Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba. It’s interesting stuff, in that we are living in this area of history. As a quote, Harry Truman once said, “The only new history is what you haven’t read!”

Snowbirds are North Bound

Yes, it may be still winter in New England, but the mid and lower States must be warming. The annual snowbird departure has started. The camp host, Janet told me today that we now have 30 sites available here at Trumbo Point. Our departure won’t be until mid April (tentatively).
When and If ~ Not Cuba
Our minds are made up! We will not go on the “When and If” sailboat to Cuba this year. Instead, we will put in our names for a trip next year with a garden group!

That what we saw and did!

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