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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Retired ~ With No Time Off!

December 18, 2016

I’ve been slacking in my blog writing! I really enjoy documenting what we’ve been doing down here in the tropics, but I can’t believe how busy life has become. Week after week, one activity after another…it never seems to end.
Electrician's Christmas!

One of my longest parts of writing is working in the pictures of all of the activities. I’ve been taking hundreds of pics and someday, when I really retire, I’ll have to do something with those thousands of pictures I’ve taken and collected through the years. If anything else, I enjoy flipping the pages and recalling the fond memories!
In order to write more often, I will reduce the number of photos. I realize that pictures play an important part of telling a story. Maybe things will slow down and the pictures will flow back in.

Christmas Week

With Christmas coming up next weekend, the campground has been bustling. A couple of days ago, I helped our two camp-host Jan and Sabrina setup a real Christmas tree at the entrance to the
Christmas at Western Union Wharf
campground. Last night, the campers, brought food dishes at the pavilion for a good festive meal. This was followed by decorating the Christmas tree and finally a tree lighting ceremony just after dark. There are a handful of kids in the campground (active duty families) who got a thrill with the Christmas Tree lighting!

Key West Holiday Lights!

It is strange for a northerner to come to a warm climate at Christmas time. Back home, everybody decorates with lights in windows and a few brave souls who venture out and hang lights on the outsides of their homes. I remember driving around town, Christmas week, at night, with the family, looking at all the lit decorations, in the different neighborhoods.
2nd Place Christmas Light Contest Winner...Our Favorite!

Jump down here in the Keys and it is a little different. Homes are covered with lights! That maybe expected, but what is unusual, for me, is having the home owners sitting outside and wishing passerby's a Merry Christmas. Background music playing Christmas Carols! All of this, with an outside evening temperature of around 74 degrees, which makes these outings very pleasant.

That is what we saw and did!

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