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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Up Coming Winter Getaway!

Well as you can see we are still alive after the winter solstice yesterday the 21st of December. The holidays will soon be behind us and the time has come to continue planning our journey to Arizona. The truck camper sits under a lean-to in back of my shop. I have been plowing the snow away to provide access to it. When the time comes it should be easy to load and ready for a quick departure sometime in late January.  I’ve been thinking of upgrading a few things on the truck to make the camper easier to acclimate to a quicker temperature. My truck does not have a slider window in the rear. I want to change that and replace it. It will enable the truck cab heater and air-conditioner to either pre-heat or cool the camper. The furnace in the camper works fine, but preheating will warm things right up while we are driving. 
   This morning December 24th the sun is shining, the Holiday music is playing on the laptop. I am waiting for the Christmas festivities to start later this afternoon at our daughters house. I am pushing myself  to start writing the blog again. The planning of our road trip goes something like this; first I spend a couple of months studying everything that I need to know about the road trip, our destination in Arizona and all of the surroundings areas. When I have all of this familiar in my head I'll probably disregard everything and not follow a schedule or plan. This way I don't feel obligated to do anything or be somewhere at a certain time. The whole idea of studying is to have options stored or at least have a resources available in my head. An example of this is the weather. My navigation software directs us nearly in a diagonal  path across the US from New Hampshire to Arizona. If the January/February weather is to severe a swing to the South might be more practical.


He does look stuck but summer tires don't
My backhoe did the job
     Another week has passed, the snow has come, nearly 14 inches total on this storm. The temperature is down to 10 degrees above zero. Do I feel like Arizona is calling? You bet it is. It's calling very loud and clear. It seems that I've been awaiting all of this fall to leave and now time has come and I feel that I'm not ready. It is harder to get ready for a trip winter then in the summer. Things like moving the snow plow into the garage in anticipation that when we return in April there is still snow knee high going into the driveway to the shop. Trying to pick a departure time that is between storms especially from here all the way past the Ohio valley. As one can see by the pictures snow can present a major problem especially if you are a tractor trailer driver who gets lost on several side streets and ends up in front of our house. We tried with sand, but in the end I had to pull him with my backhoe. 
Another winter time potential problem is filling the fresh water tank. It is winterized with non-toxic antifreeze, but I am hesitant to fill it until we get further south. Yes the camper is a four season camper, but again I don't have the furnace on all of the time. 

That is what we did and saw!


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