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Sunday, January 26, 2014

From Visits to Adventure! The Gasparilla Parade

January 25, 2014
From my last blog you know that we were parked in MacDill Air Force Base at the Famcamp RV Campground. Cactching the beadsOur plan for today was to try and get to the Gasparilla Pirate Parade. When registering for the campsite, we overheard someone asking if there was any room on the bus for the parade. “No,” said the attendant. I asked, "What time does the bus leave for the parade"? She said, “9 am, you can show up and see if someone cancels”. We did just that and someone canceled. Off we went to the parade. Now ,let me give a brief description of this parade. It is the country’s third largest parade. There are Gaspillara Beads!an estimated 300,000 people in attendance. It is a pirate theme parade. One hundred eight floats parading 5-1/2 miles long down Bay Boulevard... two and a half hours. Hundreds of marchers throwing bead necklaces at the crowds. Everybody winds up with a large handful (neck full). It seems that drinking is allowed and the marchers are somewhat inebriated not to mention the crowd. It was hard not to photograph the girls in their pirate costumes. I’m sure by tonight the whole regalia won’t  be feeling any pain, but they willGaspillara Pirate Parade tomorrow morning. The weather turned out to be just right and we both got a little color on our skin. The shuttle bus drivers were with us and we were back home around five thirty. Today was a change of pace and tonight will be a short one as the day’s activity was fun, but tiring. The pillow will feel good tonight!
That is what we did saw!

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