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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Long Hiatus is Over ~ We’re About to Travel Again!

December 30, 2013
Since early September, I’ve been working on my patience. Patience to stay busy and not think of a trip to the sunshine state. My promise to my wife was to be around until after the holidays. I would need a diversion to keep mind and body busy, vary busy. I decided to install radiant heat under my office floor. That normally wouldn’t take very long to accomplish, but the office is the part of the house that doesn’t have a full cellar. About half of the crawl space is three feet high and the rest is 12 inches in height. Now this is a tight fit for a belly that is 11-1/2 inches thick! I won’t go through the whole sequence, but basically I had to remove existing insulation, grind hundreds of underlayment nails, drill floor joists, install Pex tubing, heat transfer plates, install ridged installation, fiberglass insulation and finally a vapor barrier. This all took over a month to accomplish. I still needed to stay busy for another couple of months so, I installed more radiant floor heat in three bathrooms and of course, this led to a complete remodel of two full baths and one restroom in my office…and now that brings us to the holidays! Oh, on my down time, I’ve been working on an article about “The Baby Boomer Generation” I’m hoping to have this published in Truck Camper Magazine. No guarantees about this being published, but I will submit it in the next few days and see what develops.  
The camper has been sitting under the lean-to down at the shop.
Last view of the F-550

I’ve got my F-550 dump truck in the shop being detailed for a sale after the first of the year. It is a 2002 with only 14,398 miles original miles. Any takers? In any event, I will be moving the dump truck outside in a week or so and bring in the truck camper for loading supplies for our trip to the end of Route One… Key West, FloridaIsland with a palm treeThe game plan is to stay in Key West until early spring. When the weather gets warmer in Utah, we will head in that direction to visit all of the National Parks that we haven’t explored. Our daughter will house sit and keep the utilities up to snuff.

January 5th, 2014
Many of our followers have commented on the New England weather, as it made the National News headlines. Yes, it has snowed a lot, but this made the news because for once southern New England got more than there share. We have escaped the abnormal snowfall for our area. The one thing that we did get is an abundance of cold weather. When it doesn’t snow it is clear, sunny and bitterly cold. Twenty-one below was recorded on my indoor/outdoor thermometer. This spell has lasted for nearly a week. Prior to this past week’s cold, we did get freezing rain, but here again, not as bad as the folks south of the “Whites”.

Our departure is still schedule for the 16th of January. I had one meeting rescheduled and the other postponed. Now the big factor is the infamous East Coast weather down along the eastern seaboard. I hoping and planning to be able to quickly make it from northern New Hampshire to Virginia without encountering severe winter weather. We won’t even stay in the camper until the temperature moderates. Once our travels bring us into the southern eastern states we will slow down and start visiting family and a lot of new found friends.
January 14, 2014
Houston we have liftoff at 6:30 am. Finally, after a very busy Monday we left Berlin. On Monday, I was fortunate  enough to sell my F-550 dump truck. I also was notified by Truck Camper Magazine that they want to do a front page full feature of the article that I submitted. This is of great news for me as this was on my bucket list. I really like to write about travel adventures.

That is what we’ve been up-to!Secret telling smile

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