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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Key West…Sadness and Joy!


March 04, 2014

The sadness is getting stronger as we only have less than a week to enjoy this tropical land. Every day our new found friends are leaving for points north. When we arrived here at After Sunset GlowingTrumbo Point every possible campsite was filled. Sites are starting to open and more open grass is evident. It is the friends that we’ve made that makes it a little sad that we are leaving.

We’ve already been contacted from our Key West neighbors who have traveled far from here. They had commitments of one type or another, hence their departures from the end of US Route One. Our turn is coming next Monday morning. MCool Fake entrancey mind is building with excitement and anxiety. Things I want and have to do, but that’s always the way when we are getting ready for another adventure. We have learnt so many valuable bits of information from our vast pool of travelers around us. I can definitely see why so many people have sold their homes for a life of travel. No, I am not prepared to sell my home in New Hampshire, but, God willing, we will certainly do more traveling as long as we are able to. It is a great life and the people who become friends along the way make it worth while. We’ve met a lady who traveled fifty years with her husband until he passed away. She didn’t stop even after his deathOld Harbor...Key West. She’s in her eighties and still drove their 35 foot RV down here to Key West. She is of Italian decent (the old country accent) and has traveled literally all over the world with her retired military husband. She has a cute nickname “Pokkie”. We met her one night on the Coast Guard pier watching the sunset. She said, “People don’t take the time to watch the sunset like they use to”. HCoast Guard docking area...Key Westelen and I have been going to this secluded pier nearly every night, not only the sunset, but for the twilight. A sliver of moon followed by darkness above with a shimmer of pale orange down to the ocean’s horizon. I can’t really describe in words what really transpires. I wonder about the sailors and explorers of 200 plus years ago viewing the same scene. Oh well, time to stop dreaming and start planning the next sunset, maybe out west.

That is what we did and saw! 

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