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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Key West…The Final Day


March 08, 2014

Crying faceIt had to come to an end sooner or later, but our stay here in Key West has been a memorable one! We have explored many nooks and crannies with many more to go. If we do come down here next winter, Helen, will most likely volunteer in so form or another. I will probably follow her lead and also do something to help the community. Believe me, that volunteering is not because of boredom, but a need to give back to the people of Key West.

This morning (Saturday morning), I’m using my powers of observation.USCGC Charles Sexton Christening Ceremony The Coast Guard main gate will be closed from 10am to 2pm. They have been putting up a large tent at the end of the Coast Guard pier. Now that could be for many reasons, but here is my theory. This morning on Public Radio we heard that President Obama was in Miami talking to a high school class. I’ve got a gut feeling that he will be here in Key West some time today. The campground is on Trumbo Point, but we are also one gate away from the Coast Guard main base.

Yesterday morning, “Good Morning America” was here in Key West. Actually, the weather portion of the show was from down here in Mallory Square. Many RV’ers here in the park got up early, 6am or so and headed down there to be on national TV. We actually didn’t find out until everybody came back.

March 08, 2014

Time is now 4:30pm and I’ve got an update on the secrecy over at the Coast Guard Pier. At mid morning, things startedUSCGC Charles Sexton...To be Christen on Mar 8, 2014 to happen over on the pier. From the top of the channel bridge, I could see cars coming to the pier and being checked at two check points. I also noticed a rental RV parked close to the channel bridge abutment. Two young men with light beards are hanging around. A few minutes later a helicopter makes an appearance and takes a sharp turn after a fly over. It was a news chopper. Ok, I now know something is happening over on the pier. Dave a neighbor, found out that the Coast Guard is going to have a new Class “C” cutter christened. Who’s coming is now the question? Is it President Obama? Sure enough, he shows up and everybody leaves…Just kidding! The christening went without a hitch. Whoever the dignitaries were came and went without incident. That is the end of my conspiracy theory! I’ve been reading too many spy novels!

March 09, 2014

As of last night, I have logged 152 miles on the bike odometer and averaged three to six miles of walking as measured on my pedometer. Hopefully, I will be able to continue exercising as we travel west. Maybe, I’ll get the exercise in a hiking mode as we visit the National Parks.

Our stay in Key West will remain in our minds for a long time!

That is what we saw and did!

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