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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rain in Paradise?

Thursday, Oct 27, 2016

The Eyes have it!
The local radio station 104.1FM weather forecast this morning was for rain. A low pressure in the Caribbean to our East and a Hi pressure to our West in the Gulf met over the Key West today, resulting in rain off and on for the last few days! It hasn’t dampened the Fantasy Fest activities because they were able to have the daily parades without getting wet.
Last night, we saw the “Locals” parade. Very interesting! I always wondered why they called it “Fantasy Fest”. I don’t have to wonder any more. If you can get my drift about body painting, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Using an expression from an old friend, “Unbelievable” is the least I can say. I took many pictures, but unfortunately, I can’t publish most of them for ethical and moral reasons!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Did I say the eyes have it?
Finally, Saturday night has arrived. The “Big Final Parade”! The crowds predictions were to be arounds 80,000 people, but the latest estimate was around 60,000 spectators…whose counting. The parade went off smoothly with no rain!
One had to think, at the beginning of the parade, as two bomb sniffing dogs made their way along each side of the packed street. No devices were located and no major incidents occurred. I found a good place to take pictures, or, at least I thought it was a good place. Just as the parade started, an EMT, ATV type, vehicle parked right in front of us. I asked the guys if they could move and they said no matter where they parked they would be blocking someone’s view. So, I did get pictures, but mostly after they had gone by our location. Some of you would say, “why didn’t you move” the answer was that 60,000 people were standing next to me.
Colorful Costume

The parade ended around nine-thirty, but we made another miscalculation earlier in the evening. We had crossed the street before the continuos barricades had been closed. We had to walk in a different direction from our campground, circle around towards the waterfront and then head home. Remember, we were walking, no bikes or vehicle tonight. It was a good experience in any event to witness Fantasy Fest for the first time.
Floats...Fantasy Fest Parade 2016!

Tuesday Nov. 1, 2016

A new adventure started today for both of us. I read an add in the paper that stated a Free Tai Chi class was starting on Tuesday and Thursday. I called and got us signed up! Tai Chi as explained by Will, our instructor, is a martial art that does nearly everything in slow motion. Unlike Con Fu, which relies on force and speed, Tai Chi relies on control balance and putting your opponent off balance. No, we are not looking for martial art for defense, but better body balance and muscle toning. Will is very good at explaining the warmup exercises, breathing required to improve body mobility. I think we are going to enjoy these classes! If we wanted to really get into the martial arts, he also does another class on Higgs Beach on Sunday morning.

Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016

I spent the morning cutting grass, removing sod from our rear concrete pathway and just getting things looking good. By mid morning, it was contagious! I was the first to mow grass since the campground opened and after I finished my lawn, all three mowers were going in the park for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon, I was beat and sat, in the shade, got my whittling tools out and did some carving on my Eagle Head Cane project. It is the first time I ever tackle wood carving. It is relaxing. I also enjoy being able to sharpen my tools razor sharp with the help of a buffing compound and a leather strap.

Thursday Nov 3, 2016

Bright sunny, warm day, no or little humidity! Started the day by washing camper windows again. I like clean windows to lookout at the sunrises. It’s a 10 minute job with my squeegee. Next came the truck…Looks like “Coral Dust”…Better wash the truck! We are not allowed to wash vehicles with a hose in the park. Our alternative is to fill one pail with soapy water and another with rinse water for the other chamois. It does take very long to get that big F-250 shine up.

Tai Chi class at 11:30am

Tai Chi… A Chinese martial arts and system of calisthenics consisting of sequences of very slow controlled movements. Will Soto, our instructor, is by profession a tight rope walker. Checkout his link: Back to Tai Chi basics! I am very impressed with the class. It is very interesting to learn how balancing of your inner circle (body movement) can be used in either defense or offense. The warm up exercises stimulate your body. It is easer to balance one’s body actions.

That is what we saw and did!

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