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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trumbo Point ~ Friends

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016

In the last blog, we were waiting for Trumbo Point campground to open. We were the second campers to checkin. Our preferred site was waiting for us along with the 102 other sites. As I said, at 9am, only two of us were here, but by the end of the day 46 other retired military campers invaded the giant field. A couple of these campers are active military.
When you arrive, it seems that there is a million of chores to tackle for the setup. By late morning, I was well established on my site. I volunteered to help a few of the other guys. I gave Willy a ride back to Sigbee to pickup is car. He has a motor home and he was having a very difficult time of coming over here with three flat tires! Yes, I said (three) flat tires! Another guy needed a ride, but I had a conference call (Water Works Board meeting at 12pm). I did the meeting despite all of the commotion. The afternoon was spent helping and talking to old friends as they rolled in from all over the country. Helen and I actually talked to a gal from Australia. She is married to an American Navy guy. It is truly amazing to meet and chat with people from all over.

Last night, I would put our GoWiFi internet to the test. I streamed the Presidential Debate live on my computer. From the computer I cabled the debate over a HDMI cable to our digital TV, for a larger screen view. I ran the sound to my Pioneer car stereo in the camper for a surround sound experience. Hillary and Donald came through loud and clear! I would say, that my site, literally next to the WiFi repeater, is going to work for me just fine. I even streamed a movie from Amazon Prime with no problem in buffering. I’m a happy camper so far.

October 20, 2016

This morning, it was time to wash the camper windows and remove the road grime that followed us down that long road from New England. I have a squeegee that makes this a quick job of doing all the windows including the pickup truck. It seemed that the rest of the day just flew by.

October 23, 2016

The weather changed last night. The wind is out of the North and the humidity is gone. Temperature is in the mid 70’s…reminds me of New England weather in the fall.
This afternoon, I moved another 5th wheel from the storage area over on Fleming Key to here at Trumbo Point, a total of about 1,300 feet. This is the third 5th wheel that sat on my hitch. They all seem to pull alike. Paul, the owner, has a Ford 250 with a truck camper on it. With me moving his 5th wheel, he didn’t have to download the truck camper, just park it in his storage area.
Very Festive

This is the beginning of Fantasy Fest week in Key West! It is a crazy week with a lot of activity. Tonight it was the bike Zombie Parade with thousands of Zombies riding all kinds of bikes and wearing bloody costumes! We were there taking pictures for about an hour until it really was getting crowded.
Back at the campground, we were surprised with the arrival of two couples pulling in with their 5th wheel and motor home. John and Cheryl, who stopped in for a visit back in New Hampshire and Paula and Charles who have two Shar Pei show dogs. Shar Pei never has an “S” even in plural form. Paula explained that very clearly to me last year.

Monday Oct 24, 2016
You Name it...And They Came!

The weather is still perfect. Low humidity, mid seventies, slight breeze still blowing from a northerly direction. A good day to play Bocce. We play Monday and Friday over at the end of White Street. They have outstanding courts which are City owned. It is our chance to meet and play with locals. Most of the locals belong to a league who play four nights a week. It is a lot more serious on those leagues than our 10 to noon play for fun.
A Pretty Bloody Mess
We spent the afternoon doing groceries, checking our Post Office Box for mail and then relaxing around the camper. I did manage to lube both bicycle chains and adjust and tighten odds and ends to keep both bikes in good shape. Tonight, was a good time to bike over to Truman Annex (the Navy Side) of the Island. To our surprise, the usual gate was shut down because of major construction, just outside the gate area. The City of Key West is building a large amphi theater and other improvements to the State Park entrance. Well with the gate closed (for a long time), we were directed to use the United St gate. We biked through the Bohemian village to get to the other gate. Now this could be a little scary, especially in early evening with a lot of people sitting on the sidewalk drinking. We’ve been there before and had no problems and we didn’t either on this occasion. The United Street gate is normally never open, so we got to ride into an area that we never had access to on the base. It brought us to “Southern Joint Force Command Headquarters” a highly restricted area. By now, it was already past sunset as we arrived at the Truman Annex beach. There was only one other couple sitting at one of the picnic tables. Even though the sun had set the blue/orange of the sky was mesmerizing. I had my backpack with my trusty D-7000 Nikon to grab a few memorable shots.

An Estimated 8,000 in the Parade

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2016

Started the day, detailing my truck. It is such a joy for me to relax and tend to such activities. It took most of the day! Well, it works like this; someone walks by and a conversation starts up. A little later a neighbor needs help with his awning, and so goes the day. Life in Key West…the way it should be!

That is what we saw and did!

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