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Saturday, October 15, 2016

"On The Road Again" The Journey!

October 12th and 13th

Two days of 500 miles a day has put us on the Virginia~Tennessee border. This may sound like a long day behind the wheel, but in reality its just like a normal 6am to 5pm work day. It is about 8pm, sitting here in the camper at another Cracker Barrel restaurant, writing the first blog of the snowbird season. I can honestly say that last night’s stay was ultra quiet. I only mention this, because five minutes ago, a truck pulled up next to us here in the parking lot. A couple of guys went into the restaurant. I couldn’t imagine what kind of noise I was hearing from what I thought was a camper. Our shades were drawn and it was dark outside. Finally curiosity the best of me and I took a peak. It was an aluminum trailer filled with cattle! They weren’t mooing, but were walking around on the aluminum enclosed trailer deck. Thankfully, the cowboys had just gone in for a meal and weren’t staying the night. In the meantime, I turned the radio on, tuned in to a country western station and listened to cattle footsteps and country music! This is a sure sign of an adventuresome, upcoming season.
This trip south is a little different from in years past. Hurricane Matthew has flooded parts of Interstate I-95 near Lumberton, NC. This made us stay north and west of the coastal areas, at least until we were safe from detours and closed highways. Tomorrow, we will take a left and head into North Carolina and catch I-85 towards Atlanta, GA. We won’t enter the heavy traffic in Atlanta, but take the beltway and catch I-75 into northern Florida.
Our plans are evolving as we move south. We are fortunate that we have friends (Lou and Sue) that are already Key West and are keeping us abreast of campground openings and other pertinent information. We also got a phone call from Fr Serious Gerkin (a former neighborhood neighbor) He lives in Inverness, Florida. We might stop in and say hello. He would only be 20 minutes out of our way. Maybe, if the arrival time there is late in the day, we might stay the night in the church parking lot.
We really don’t have an exact date on the opening of Trumbo Point campground. The fire department has to do a pressure test on all of the hydrants around the park. This has to be scheduled sometime next week. It isn’t like we would be out in the cold…that’s not right…it doesn’t get cold in Key West, FL. Well, what I meant was that we’d have to temporarily set up at Sigbee’s campground with full hookups!
Thats what we saw and did!

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