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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Key West…A perfect place to blog!

Tall Ships 1st day
A couple of passing tall ships
Tall Ships 1st day
The perfect way to travel in Key West!
What does one blog about when you are in a perfect environment for a winter  getaway. I guess I would recount what our days’ consist of. For only being here a couple of full days this is what we did. Saturday morning our neighbors Merle and Fran told us of a tall ship parade over by Fort Zachary Taylor and down in front of Mallory Square. The camper is in a temporary area due to the large amount of snow birds down here. That left us with the bikes as our primary means of transportation. That is just fine with both us. We intended to bike as much as possible. Our first jaunt to town…it was amazing how fast we could travel to Mallory Square. Once there we walked our bikes to the perfect view spot. Only a handful of people were lined up on the dock. The sailing ships slowly left their moorings under motorized power and once out into the channel raised their sails. The parade started further down towards the Fort. We could hear cannon fire coming from the Fort. Soon the tall ships came around the point. The view of them passing on parade was a good start of the day. They all came very close to the dock and they also fired small cannons to add to the excitement. 
We were surprised a few minutes later as a Disney Cruise ship was headed for the dock exactly at our location. It was sort of neat to watch this giant ship docking. The crew lowered these massive lines maybe two to three inches in diameter down into the water. A small motor boat picked up the smaller lead line and brought them over to the mooring crew. It probably isn’t a big deal to a lot of people, but if you’ve never seen this happening, it was interesting to us. We headed back to the campground for lunch.

DSCN4627 (640x480)
Now that's a tall ship!
I should point out that I had purchased this cool pedometer. It measure steps, miles, calories and a half dozens other things. The ideal exercise day involves 10,000 steps. On this first day we were at 5,000 steps. I’m sort of anxious to see if I can maintain a 10k step program.
That afternoon we went for another bike ride a couple of miles away to the church to get the mass schedule. The church was having a large wedding and we didn’t bother going in, but walked the grounds only to find out that they were having a fun raiser for the church. Several pigs were being prepared for a pull pork dinner. Five live bands were scheduled to play. Well this sounds like a good place to eat, and normally we would have joined in the fun, but Helen and I are trying to watch our waist line. Two miles back to the campground.
Later in the evening we headed for church and went to the 6pm mass. I did forget that it would be dark after church. The bikes do have blinking tail lights, but no headlights. That wasn’t really a problem because of the many street lights and the many other bikes on the streets at that hour. My problem was that I had brought my street map of KW. The streets here stop short of other main though fares and also are sometime one ways. We weren’t really lost just wondering a few streets pass our intended turn.
That is what we did and saw!

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