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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Key West…The Night Stalkers…Pictures in the Night


February 13, 2014

It was a windy day here at Trumbo Point. Most “Trumbonians” stayed inside their campers or did chores like groceries, laundry and such. We basically followed the crowd. The temperature this morning was 71 degrees and it actually did feel cold with the wind. My little “Tiki Bar” shelter blew over during the rain storm and lightning last night. I decided to wait a Just an ordinary view from our backyardcouple of days until the wind changed direction and decreased in speed to set it back up. The airport recorded a wind gust of 50 miles per hour. Twenty and thirty miles per hour was normal all day. Remember, this is the southern end of the storm that is or I should was dumping 18 inches of snow in New England.

This evening we walked to Front Street and ate at “The Commodore” …half price appetizers 4 to 6:30. We got Coconut Shrimp, Boathouse Bread and Boathouse FiPanhandling Dog from last year still aroundsh Bits. The best thing was meeting a couple of Trumbonian couples. We all sat together and had and enjoyable evening. The walk home was also a neat experience. A full moon followed our path along the many docks leading back to Trumbo. Incidentally, the full moon for this month is called the snow moon. Good luck New England with your 18 inch predicted snow fall!

The moon was a beautiful full yellow/orange. A photographer’s dream! I headed up the small and only hill to the channel bridge crossing. Time was a factor when shooting the moon. Only a few minutes before the moon rises too high in the sky with no reference to mother earth.Fishing off of the dock at sunset Pictures of the moon by themselves tell no stories. You need backgrounds to show how the moon light pulls everything together. I did manage to scoot up onto the bridge, but already the moon was climbing higher in the sky. No earth shattering “Ah!” pictures tonight. I’ll keep trying, as they say practice makes perfect.


That is what we saw and did!



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