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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Post Travel Blog..."Space A" A way to explore!

A month has elapsed since our return from our month long stay in Northern Italy. I have had a chance to think about military “Space A” travel. The conclusion reached is that Space A travel is a very acceptable means of covering large traveling distances at a relatively inexpensive way. Granted, our flight going and coming was delayed a day in each direction. This added a little inconvenience, but also a “plus” unexpected adventure…Baltimore waterfront and an extra evening in Germany.
Inside the Monster!

A Lesson Learned

One of the reasons for this whole trip was to learn the ropes of Space A travel. Our friends, Joan and Sam certainly made this possible. Our knowledge increased as we met more “Category VI” travelers like ourselves. Actually, we met the owner/publisher of a popular social media website. John D, as he is called, was very interesting to talk to. This was a short dinner visit upon our arrival in Aviano. We also noted that many retired colonels, from all branches of the service, seem to be taking advantage of AMC (Air Mobility Command) AKA “Space A” travel. The real knowledge comes from, of all places, Facebook! Nearly all military bases have a Facebook page with loads of information. Most of these are closed groups, but it is fairly easy to join and follow the groups.

What’s Next

Well, if our health hold’s up, we plan on doing more space A trips in the coming years. Places like Rota in Spain, RAF Mildenhall in England. There’s a whole world of places to visit and explore. Many, many world wide military bases are available for Space A, Category VI passengers! One could even go to Guantanamo, Cuba, if, one met the requirement of having a sponsor stationed there. I feel reassured that this past month’s learning experience has given us the confidence to keep us “Baby, Boomers on the Move” moving!

Itchy Travel Fever!

I am writing this part of the blog here in New Hampshire, in mid November. It is drizzling, cold and to nobodies surprise, it’s only going to get worse, weather wise, from here. Our departure date, for Key West, Florida is after the holidays, but I just now heard from my lovely wife that date might just be moved up to after Thanksgiving! No, I must have heard wrong! I’ll just have to wait and see what will transpire!I feel like a race horse, at the gate, raring to go, just waiting for the gate to open and hit the track to warmer climate and adventure. I also realize that family is very important and I must not only think of myself, but also of our family that is not as fortunate and is left here in the cold grips of the North Country!
Amazing Size...Great White!

That is what we saw and did! a glimpse of “Space A” travel!

That is what we did and saw!

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