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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blind River to Casselman, Ontario ~ I Can Nearly Taste Home

The original target for today was Ottawa, Ontario. If you’ve ever driven in this area you probably know how congested this place can be on a late Friday afternoon. We decided to move pass this large Metropolitan area. Casselman is small, but does have many stores for us to select a place for the night and a place to eat. We did eat at a place called Brian’s and it was excellent. They had a Canadian Tire Store which had an RV Dump Station and that was our parking spot for this night. During the course of the evening, another pickup truck pulled up alongside and also stayed overnight.
Boomers On The Move ~ Home Safe in Our Back Yard!

They next morning, on the 18th of August we looked at our last ride for home. My Street Atlas said 265 miles to Berlin. This was a short hop compared to the 445 miles we did from Blind River to here.

This will not be my final blog for this trip. I hope to have a few facts and post thoughts of our adventure. So far to date, which is Sunday Aug 19, 2012 We have had 2029 page views which I am very happy about.

That is what we did and saw


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