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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Adventure ~ My Reflections ~ The Facts!


One of the most remarkable things that I have seen on this 14,800 mile journey is the amount of people doing exactly the same thing. For some people, this is there trip of a life time. For some others it’s just another road trip down the endless highway to adventure. I’ve met some that have sold their houses and are traveling around the continent. What drives these people to pedal their bikes from Inuvik, North West Territories to the tip of South America?  Adventure? Challenge? What possesses one to bring a full size six wheeler, all-wheel drive truck, converted to an RV and cross the ocean from Europe to North America?  To answer these questions I must look inward into one self to see why I traveled these thousands of miles across the United States and Canada. I believe it’s the urge to see and feel what it was like to travel across this land somewhat like when the original pioneers did there thing in search of having a better life. I am not looking for a better life, as I feel very fortunate with what I have.

I travel for a sense of seeing what is on the other side of the hill. How I can learn from watching and talking to people both local and fellow travelers. For example, I have a better understanding of First Nation people after talking to and watching them at the World Eskimo Olympics. I now understand, a little better, their tribal dance movements. Their Olympic competition events are nearly all related to arctic survival skills.

I travel to see nature. Whether it be a Wolf howling, a Bald Eagle perched, watching for the Salmon run along with the Coastal Brown Bears…who are tired of eating grass and just pacing up and down the rivers, also waiting for the Salmon.

I travel to see America and Canada move it’s GNP (Gross National Product) East and West along their mighty railroads. They are alive and in my opinion doing well.
Reflecting and Planning the next Adventure!

I travel to see the mighty Rivers of this continent. the Yukon, the Frazer, the Columbia, the McKenzie. I travel to see these mighty rivers at their birth place when they are only a trickle.

I travel to see the giant trees in the coastal planes of Washington State and British Columbia. To see the dwarf 200 year old trees up in the tundra of Alaska fight for their existence when no other trees can survive with ice just 18 inches below the surface.

Finally, I travel to converse with strangers on the trail and share stories and experiences. I have made long lasting friendships. When I say “I”, I mean “We” as my wife, Helen has made all these experiences possible. From the early days back in the 80’s when I had the opportunity to get free flights up to Alaska, ten years in a row, for a week or so, she would support my dreams. She was the best companion on our adventures to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course, most of the United States.

The Facts and Stats:

Days in Canada 32                                                                Days in Alaska 20

Days crossing Northern US 25                                              Miles traveled: 14,800

Days Traveling: 77                                                                 Number of Campground stays 28

Number of cracked windshields: One                                   Number of oil changes: Two

Number of tire rotations: Two                                                Number of time changes: Over Ten

Lowest price for gas: $3.45 Berlin, NH           Highest price for gas $ 7.20 Watson Lake, Yukon

Projected gas cost $6,500                              Actual gas cost $6,006.95

Furthest North: Inuvik, NWT (207miles North of Arctic Circle)

State/Province most viewed wildlife: British Columbia

Highest price for beer: Canada $23.95 for 12 pack (did not buy didn’t want to support their Health Care System)

Any Surprises: None

Do It Again? When do we leave

That is what we saw and did ~ See Ya Later!           Page Views to date 2,135 (Great!)

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