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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dawson, BC ~ Hot & Windy ~ "The Decision"

What did we do today? Nothing… well, we did do an important thing and that was to relax next to the town Rotary Park Pool. The sun was stunning, with a strong breeze out of the west. Temperature was in the high eighties. It was a perfect day to relax and do a little blogging.

The MVPA Convoy started to leave at 7:00am with a five minute interval between March orders. (Military talk for 5 minutes between 5 to 10 vehicles) We talked again to some people who were not going on the convoy, but were involved as support people. (Motor Home RV) No sense in roughing it in the back of a truck, although some were doing just that.

OK blog followers, this is the time of decision… to head south and west or to head south and east? The original plan was to head down into Washington State and follow the Oregon coast to Northern California with a sharp turn to the east coast via the middle of the US. Todays’ heat helped in the decision. I checked the weather for the states we would cross and the average was around 95 degrees. That’s it! We will take a ride down into the Jasper National Park and head for home. We will visit as we go, but probably book-it through the prairie states (if it’s too hot). The gas prices in Canada are a little higher than in the northern states, but the shorter distance will balance out. We should be home in two to three weeks unless the canoe finds us a different direction to adventure.
Sorry no pictures in this blog. First time for WiFi is today Aug 9th in a Starbucks ~ Calgary,AB

That is what we did and saw

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