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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watson Lake, YT to Fort Nelson, BC ~ The Wild Kingdom

Don't Mess with me....
Another 320 mile day was in store for us today. The journey would be full of wildlife viewing up close. The first two sightings were of a couple of yearling bears not together, but maybe 20 to 25 miles apart. The next was a young Mountain Sheep with a Ewe, followed by three individual herds of Bison maybe 20 to 30 in each herd. We saw Elk in the road. We saw our first Lynx on this trip and also, a half dozen horses in the road. British Columbia has more animals roaming around then the rest of the places we visited on this trip. The road from Watson Lake to Fort Nelson is in good shape and well paved. This section is also the most scenic that we will see for a while.

Home on the Range!
The Muncho Lake is an engineering marvel. When the Alaska Highway was built this section was one of the toughest to traverse. Men had to climb down over cliffs and drill holes and blast the ledge to clear an area between the cliffs and the lake. The lake is clear and deep. I also had to purchase a little insurance gas to make it to Fort Nelson. This was the highest price paid so far ($7.27) a gal after the conversion from liters.

The Last Suspension Bridge on the AlCan Highway
(70 years old)
Love the Engineering on this float plane mover
Cool Vehicle!
We arrived in Fort Nelson in early afternoon. Oh! “Yes” I forgot to mention a little incident just a few miles from town on the paved road. The road was full of loose stone and sure enough a large truck going north bound picked up a stone and our windshield got hit. It was star shaped the size of a nickel. I knew from past experience that this would spread and I’d have a crack all the way across. I stopped at the glass repair shop and they injected a plastic epoxy and the repair is nearly invisible except for the $43.00 hole in my wallet.
Do You See the Lady on the Right?
She doesn't look to happy about the windshield damage!

The Visitor Center had air conditioning, free coffee, water and our most needed WiFi. We both brought in our laptops, chilled out, did emails, and blog.

That is what we did and saw

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