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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marathon to Blind River Ontario ~ Rainout


No “Tim Horton’s, McDonalds” only a “Robin’s,” for coffee this morning before our departure for Blind River. It was a heavy rain day, with a lot of concentration on my driving. The sun did appear for a short time when we stopped in Wawa. That’s right; “Wawa” is not the First Nation name for water. It is the name for a Goose! The information Center was quick to point that out with a giant Goose statue on the front lawn. Took a few pictures and off to the east again. There is not much to report on this day for the driving. It started to rain again and rained heavily most of the way to Blind River. I would imagine that following the Great Lakes the rain or snow would be greater because of the so called “lake effect” phenomena.

Blind River sits on the edge of Lake Huron. We drove down to the docks and there were four boats tied up. The boats, I think, were fishing boats, but they looked odd to me. They were built very low and fully enclosed. They just didn’t look like fishing boats you see back on the east coast.
Fishing Boat?

We couldn’t see going to a campground and not being able to take advantage of their amenities. We stayed in a good spot under a giant tree close to the fishing boat dock area.

Low Profile Boat!
In the morning, the storm was gone and the sun rose filling the camper. This would be a more enjoyable day to travel. We now felt the drive to get home. Maybe, two more days?

That is what we did and saw


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