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Monday, August 13, 2012

Portage La Prairie to Kenora, Ontario ~ Lake of the Woods

Lost Seagulls in Portage La Prairie!

My love of trains continued again last night. I swear to God, a dozen freight trains went by as we tried to sleep. These trains are each a mile long and you can hear them for a mile each way up and down the track. Morning finally came and the sun was shining as we looked outside. A footnote here…we must be an equal distance from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Getting back to looking outside, what do you think I saw? A row of Seagulls! What are Seagulls doing in the middle of the continent? Maybe they hitched hike on one of those freight trains!

Entrance to Anicabe Campground!
The promotion for free coffee at McDonalds ended yesterday, but we still went for our morning wakeup coffee. I fueled up and asked if there was a RV Dump Station close by. The attendant sent us to a municipal site and we took care of the campers needs.

It is a fairly quick ride to the Ontario border and to Kenora, Ontario which sits on the northern edge of “The Lake of the Woods”. This is a tourist destination and we decided to get a camp site near the water. We spent the afternoon walking around the town and watching float planes land in the lake.

Float Plane Base!
We took showers at the campground facilities…excellent new building with plenty of hot water. We had dinner and then did  laundry and got caught up on email and the blog.

That is what we did and saw

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