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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Anchorage to Fairbanks~ Denali Pit Stop

Maybe the weather wasn't perfect but the flowers were!
Wasilla was done on our visit list. I was thinking that we would head closer to Denali NP and see if we could move our Jul 20th reservations up a few days. If not, maybe we would dry camp close by or move up to Fairbanks and do day trips from there. I also needed to find a reliable WiFi spot to do my “Skype” Berlin Water Works monthly board meeting on Wednesday.

Smoked Salmon actually for dog food next winter
Mileage from Wasilla to Fairbanks about is 320 miles. A little longer than what I plan on driving in a day. The traffic was extremely light this Sunday morning. I set the cruise control to about 58 miles per hour and let the truck do the driving. Around the 200 miles mark, we were at the entrance to the NP. We went into the registration building and got all the info that we needed. We could increase our stay in the NP,  but couldn’t move the registration up four days. We had lunch in the camper, took a short nap and continued up the road. So far, we had stopped in Nenana to check out the tripod Nenana Ice Classic. It’s a contest to see when the ice will let go in the Nenana River. The Tripod is attached to a clock, when the tripod let go the clock stops and a winner is selected. (Closest time or date wins) You can buy as many $2.50 tickets as you want. Last year the prize was $320,000.00 before taxes. ($225,000.00... after taxes). Nice little town with tourist shops.

Arrived in Fairbanks around 6:30pm.  Fueled up. Did a few groceries at Fred Meyers and looked for a place to stay. The Sacred Heart Cathedral was a block way.  We pulled into the grounds, found a grave access road, backed in and called a day.

That is what we did and saw

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