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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fairbanks ~ Here long enough to be a resident?


Helen is getting taller! The cabin is low to heat
It was Wednesday morning nearly 7 am Alaska time, but 11 am Eastern time. I had planned to conduct the Berlin Water Works monthly noon meeting just outside the Pioneer Park. They have excellent free WiFi. The previous morning, I had Skype my grandson, Sawyer, with excellent results. This morning the WiFi was on, but there server was not on. Plan “B” go to McDonalds about a block away. I was able to secure the only electric plug in the seating area. (I didn’t know if my laptop battery would last for the entire meeting.) I made contact, but again a problem arose. All McDonalds that have a drive through have free WiFi. The thing that they don’t tell you is when their drive-up is busy the signal goes down below the quality that is required for video. Plan “C” I conducted the meeting with audio only.

Interesting fact ~Steam Shovel came here (for gold mining)
after building Panama Canal!
The commitment behind me, we went looking for Dredge #8 just out of town. Dredge #8 is a real gold dredge that made a lot of people rich back in the day. We got there around 10:15am and the sign said that the next tour was going to be at 2pm. This place has to be a destination sight because the parking lot was full of cruise line buses. There is a train that picks up tourist and runs around the site. The Alaska pipeline runs by the parking lot. We took a couple of pictures and headed back to town.

The trip back to town wasn’t a total lost. We stopped at the Carlile truck yard. This is the company that is featured on History Channel “Ice Road Truckers” I know they have 1000 trucks in the State of Alaska, but we only saw a dozen or so in the yard. This is a good thing for them. They don’t make money sitting in the yard.

Water Cannon used in gold mining
We also found another Wal-Mart and started to stock up for our isolation camping experience deep inside Denali National Park. To recap the rules; Minimum stay three days, one drive in and one drive out (The shuttle bus is available but a sixty mile round trip for a quart of milk is rough).

Todays' Gold ~ Alaska Pipe Line!
This evening we stayed in Pioneer Park, a big three day event is starting. Native artisans were on hand with their crafts. I was able to talk to the artisans & get their inside stories of how they learned there crafts. We walked around & got to ride the train around the park. We also called Meg back in Berlin, NH and sang happy birthday from Fairbanks, Alaska.
That is what we did and saw


The Sunny Journey said...

You guys look really good.
Bring back some real solid gold.
It is hard to carry black gold back - unless it is refined.

Anonymous said...

love the photo of the old excavator!