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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Haines, AK ~ A Small Town with Magnificient People

Fish Ware ~ A Place to count Salmon
Up at five fifteen am (still daylight) and walked down along the river. No bears yet, but a Bald Eagle 100 feet away in a tree. Click, click goes the Nikon camera. Came back to the camper had breakfast and headed to town. There in the tall grass, next to the fiord, two brown bears eating grass. The salmon, I’m told, are about two weeks away (the bulk of the run) I got my pictures, even one with a bear and bald eagle in the same frame.

Fish Count
Haines has a beautiful library (new and modern) with free WiFi. We spent nearly all day in the library checking emails, updating our blog, upload, downloading pictures. We made contact with Steve Cunningham that we met in Assisi, Italy last November. He came down to the library and gave us the history of Haines, gave us advice on what to see and do. The 4th of July would have lot things to checkout. It was a wonderful visit!

It was sad news that I heard of the passing of Norman LeClerc a friend, a fellow soldier, a leader and an all-around good guy. A lot of good memories….. Norm we will miss you.
Our Campsite! Chilkoot Lake

July 3rd marks the 30th day of our departure from home.

Today is the first day of not driving, sort of feels good. “Getting caught up”! Life in the camper isn’t so bad. Routine is the key to successful accommodations. We have about 6000 miles into the trip, costs are running about what we expected. “Unexpected luxuries”.... having the truck able to recharge all of our electronics, from computers, I-Touch, camera batteries, all at the same time. Being able to Skype with family now and then. Usually, from a McDonalds because of five bars on the WiFi.

I am actually writing this blog on the morning of the fourth of July in a Laundromat waiting for the 4th of July parade later this morning. Some of the best 4th of Julys’ come from visits to small communities. “The Spirit of America” really comes out in these towns. From Gorham, NH to Haines, AK.... it’s great to be in America!

That is what we did and saw

Haines, AK to Tok Junction, AK  ~ The 4th of July Special!!             Wednesday Jul 4th

The previous blog mentions that we were doing laundry at the Laundromat. The 4th of July parade was scheduled for 11 am and that gave us just enough time to get caught up on domestic chores. We parked the camper at our favorite library parking lot. Incidentally, this library was voted the best small town library in the country in 2005. It deserves a five star rating from us also.

Walked up one block to the parade route, turned the corner and there was Steve Cunningham, our friend from our last November trip to Italy. We sat down on the sidewalk and waited for the parade. I looked across the street and who did I spot but Parker Schnabel, one of the principals in the Alaskan TV program “Gold Rush”. I went across the street and shook his hand. Took a picture. His mom and Roger were there also and when the parade started, the Grandfather John was on a float handing out candy (He was Grand Marshall). Our friend, Steve, got the biggest laugh when he saw that I recognized Parker. The parade itself was great. I really expected it to be smaller and all the parade participants handed out large amounts of candy. There was food concessions, great burgers and most of all the home pies in the park following the parade!

Some of the scheduled events: Mt Ripinsky Run, Mud Volleyball, Fire Hose Battle and, of course, the Nail Pounding Contest (sponsored by the Hammer Museum). We enjoyed the mid-day festivities.

Left Haines for Tot Junction Alaska, made it over the pass into BC and again into the Yukon. Time change back one hour. Stopped at Kluane Lake and camped by ourselves for the night.

That is what we did and saw

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