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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anchorage to Seward ~ Fishy Campgroud


I posted three days of blogs this morning before heading down to the Kenai Peninsula. I have to mention that I posted the blog at the Fort Richardson library on post. A beautiful 2 story building with coffee shop, large lobby, WiFi, classrooms and everything you would want. This is kicker. In goes 12 guys walking in with assault rifles, squad automatic weapons and no one blinks an eye. That’s just military life at the library.

We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a small worm clamp. All of the “whip tee dos” had loosened a hose fitting to the water heater. I got it fixed in five minutes. We find a screw here and there in the camper as we bounce along the Alaskan roadways.

Leaving Anchorage on Route One. Finally left the city limits and Turnagain Arm was in view. Yesterday, on the trolley tour, I finally found out why it’s called Turnagain Arm. When Captain Cook explored Alaskan waters he thought that he had discovered a channel that would navigate back to England. He soon discovered it was a dead end and had to turn the yard arm of the sailing ship around to head back to sea. Hence “Turnagain Arm”.

Helen is always making friends!
I had been down into the Kenai several times, but never explored the out of the way places like Whittier, Portage Glacier Lake, Girdwood and Seward (in detail). We had the time and we explored. Many years ago one could go to Whittier only by loading your vehicle onto a train for a ride through a long tunnel. Now, one can drive through the tunnel,  but it’s only one way until the traffic from the other direction is finished. I think it is 45 minute wait and they charge you 12 bucks! I turned around and headed for Seward. The highway to the Kenai has changed considerably since my last visit back in the mid-eighties. A lot of passing lanes, a lot more traffic and speed is now at 65 mph.

 The weather was sunny and then cloudy. Arriving in Seward around 4:30 it was drizzling.

That's not a Great White, it's Portage Glacier!
Seward is a booming place. Fishing is the name of the game in town. Today is the first day of net fishing. You are allowed 24 Salmon. Don’t know all the details, but there are a lot of boats, campers and RV here. Rain or no rain people are out and about.

We looked at a bunch of campgrounds and again we decided to go with the “United States Air Force”. The campground has a fish cleaning house, two large walk-in freezers for your fish. It’s a different cup of tea. We’re not planning on fishing, but tomorrow we’ll watch all the fisherman do their thing.

Weather permitting, tomorrow we will hike with a Park Ranger up to Exit Glacier. Resurrection Bay will also be in our sights.

That is what we did and saw

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