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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whitehorse, YK ~ "The Wilderness City" A lot of Tourist Activity

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If there is ever a city that promotes itself Whitehorse is it! There is plenty to do and see. We started early before many establishments were open and walked the downtown taking pictures of the many buildings with frescos on them. From the River Boat along the Yukon River to their new Cultural Center, two Visitor Centers, trolley along the river, we tried to visit them all.

The Art of Totem Pole Carving!
The Cultural Center had native people carving this massive totem pole. They were not only carving but learning their craft from elders. On the inside, native artists were creating art pieces from drawings to carved wood with paintings.

After lunch, we drove a few miles to “Miles Canyon” a place where the Yukon River is funneled into a gorge. Granted the mighty Yukon is narrower here in its headwaters, but still mighty impressive with its aqua colored glacial water. We walked the gorge and took pictures and talked to many people along the trail.

Smiling on the Yukon!
Speaking of talking to people, this morning we talked to a guy from Texas who came all the way up here to present the Texas flag to the “Alaskan Gold Rush” series “Guys” from theTV show on the history channel. I know he was successful in his mission, because of my conversation with Jack (the old guy on the show) Jack said that the presentation will be in the series later on. The Texan we met was some 332 miles from Dawson. It is a small world up here even though the land is immense.

That is what we did and saw

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