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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Homer back to Anchorage ~ Black Spruce Campground

A Cove in the Kenai River....Aqua.. Blue...Green
Awaken to the sun rising to the east. A rare sight this past week, as it’s been cloudy and unseasonal cold. Similar weather to coastal towns back east. I know it’s been extremely hot back east, but nobody’s been watching Bald Eagles fishing the Kenai River. The forecast is calling for warmer temps and more sun. Sixty-two degrees today in Anchorage as we drove in.

We have this routine now when we don’t have WiFi. We go to McDonalds have a senior coffee, post my blog on their WiFi and move on down the road. The ride back to Anchorage was pretty uneventful except for our gas stop in Girdwood. The guy pumping gas says “New Hampshire” “yup” I said. He said “you wouldn’t believe this, but we are going to a wedding up at Moose Pass and there will be 50 people from Keene, NH.”
Large Militay Cargo Plane Landing Next Door

On the way back we stopped at the Kenai River near Cooper Landing to get some pictures of the aqua colored water. It’s such a perfect clean color. No wonder the Salmon come here to drop off millions of eggs.

When we arrived in Anchorage, I wanted to get a place for the night and I wanted to try the Army campground on Fort Richardson. Black Spruce Campground is its name. We were lucky there were only three spots left by mid-afternoon. I put the occupied sign on the site paid the camp host the fee and headed into the outskirts of the Fort to find Camp Carroll. I had rented a house here back around 1985-86. Wayne Gauthier and his dad had come up by commercial plane and I had picked them up at the International Airport. We had a good time that fishing year. I did find Camp Carroll (Alaska National Guard Base) and the house that I had rented 26 years ago was still there.

Confidence Course ~ Camp Carroll
The library was next on the agenda. A pocket query to find geocaches that have coins in them. My mission in Anchorage was to drop off that coin that we picked up in Turin, Italy last November. We have been lucky in that our daughter, Christy, has been on line several times at the same time that we have been and Skype has worked very well. The military learning center/library has a T-2 line and our chats are nearly in HD.

Biking on Fort Richardson ~ Anchorage, Alaska
Tonight, Helen gave me a trim haircut. I was going to a base barber, but a military haircut is a little harsh for me at this stage of my life. At one point I said “Dick what’s new” referring to Dick Huot my barber back home. She laughs. We were both tired and needed a little down time. We took the bikes out for a spin around the campground. She’s reading a book, I’m writing the blog and soon we’ll be sleeping.

That is what we did and saw

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