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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dawson to Whitehorse ~Ordinary Travel Day (332 Miles)

This day, we left Dawson at 9am. It seems that we get up early, but being in our camper, we have a daily routine that keeps everything tidy. Make the bed, prepare breakfast, eat, do dishes, put away dishes and everything else that can fall during our travels. I shut off the propane during travel and surprisingly the refrigerator keeps everything cold or frozen in the freezer. I could run on dc, but that drains the camper battery and I like it fully charged for our night time needs. It is our 58th day and all is well in the camper and outside of the camper. The truck is getting an average of 12.3 mpg at 55 mph (when I can cruise at 55mph) We have put on 9,500 miles on this trip, so far so good!
Five Finger Rapids  Yukon River

Do You Know what I Mean? Do You Get It?
The highway from Dawson to Whitehorse is now paved. The last time I drove it was gravel. The terrain here to there is not spectacular, except where it crosses the Pelly River and later the Yukon River at Carmacks. If you have been following the blog, you might think you have heard the above names which sound the same, but are not. (The Peels River and the town of Carcross are a few names that are similar). The descent to the river was a change from the miles of wooded forest that we crossed. We pulled into Whitehorse at around 4pm. We needed a picker-upper and stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee and try their WiFi. Thumbs down here for their WiFi. We just couldn’t log-in. Whitehorse does have a Wal-Mart and that was our second stop for needed food supplies. To our surprise, the parking lot looked more like a campground! At least two dozen trailers, campers of every description were parked. We got some groceries and headed out of this mayhem. Dinner was in the camper and we found the library for WiFi. (One hour limit) The allotted time was sufficient to get emails out to tell everyone that we were still alive. Nearly a week had passed since we communicated with back home.

We found another large grocery store parking lot to stay for the night. There are several campgrounds in the area, and they all charge a hefty price just to park and not use any of their amenities.

That is what we did and saw

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