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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tok Junction to Valdez, AK ~ Wrangell-Saint Elias NP

Picture of "Whip Tee Do" Road
Sunny skies and a warm start to today’s road march down US 1 and US 4 to Valdez. Road conditions not too bad. An occasional “whip tee do”, but nothing compared to the Yukon portion of the Alaska Highway. Spotted several moose, a bull, and a cow with young one along some marsh areas.

Beautiful Glacial Waterfall!
Thompson Pass Glacier
Turned off at Glennallen and onto Copper Center. Had a quick lunch on the road and stopped at Wrangell-St Elias NP and Preserve to get our NP passport stamp. Sat in on a Park Ranger giving an informative talk about the park. He explained how native locals can use the park to hunt and fish but only for subtenant living.” Very complicated rules”

The Richardson Highway snakes its way into Thompson Pass. We stopped and walked to a nearby glacier. Took many pictures in this area. The ice in some ponds was just starting to breakup. On the down side of the pass we saw many waterfalls and stopped for more pictures.

Small Boat Harbor, Valdez, AK
In Valdez, we stopped at a campground about two miles from town. We were not impressed and nearly decided to dry camp along the road. Two miles down the road “Bang” hundreds of RVs and seven RV parks! One selected the Bayside RV Park (close to everything).

What a harbor! Hundreds of fishing boats, tour boats and lots of people, great place to explore. We nearly booked a tour boat to go to see the Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound, but the forecast was for rain the next afternoon with three foot seas. I don’t think we wanted to see a glacier that bad.
Helen @ The Harbor Entrance

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