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Monday, July 16, 2012

Fairbanks ~ Dissilusion

Dark dreary day and so was attitude. This was probably our first on this 45th day on our continental journey. We need to regroup rest and start fresh tomorrow.

Rain, rain go away!
It was raining again this morning, as we headed to the Ft Wainwright Hospital (nothing wrong with us), just looking for breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. (That was a good tip from friends back in Berlin, hospitals have good cafeterias) We spent an hour getting there, you see there’s thousands of Infantry troops who just love running a couple of miles before breakfast. What does this have to do with us? The Army has this rule that whenever troops and marching or doing there PT (Physical Training) the speed limit is 5mph. Road Guards also stop traffic for soldiers running in formation.

We didn’t feel like being in the rain so we planned a Cultural Visitor Center tour. We sort of followed along with a guided tour. Thank you “Great Alaska Tours” for the guided tour. We next visited the Fairbanks Public Library. I’ve never been to so many libraries as I have here in Alaska! I must truly say that they are first class (not talking from experience) I’ve never been to our home town library, but,... I will check it out when we get back. The main draw for us to go the libraries is for the excellent WiFi. I need to find a good spot for the BWW board meeting on Wednesday. The big problem is that up here the libraries open at 10am Alaskan time. That’s 2pm Eastern time.  We’ll see how it turns out. (I have a couple other options)

The event for this rainy day afternoon was a visit to the University of Alaska. They have a terrific museum.  I didn’t realize that the border to Russia is only 650 miles somewhere in the Bearing Sea. The Russian influence was noticed in pictures and artifacts at the museum.

Back at Ft Wainwright we stopped in to register for a campsite. $12 took care of our accommodations for this evening. Tomorrow weather promises to be better.

That is what we did and saw

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