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Monday, July 15, 2013

BYE BYE New Brunswick Hello Nova Scotia (9th day)

One thing I must say about New Brunswick is the fact that the gas prices are .40 cents lower than Quebec Province. Now that’s .40 cents lower per gallon. Bravo for keeping the gas tax down!
Before leaving New Brunswick, we wanted so badly to claim a couple of geocaches and get an online souvenir added to our places that we’ve geocached.
Can you believe 112 F in the sun!
The problem here was that I had down loaded caches along the route. The caches were there, but not safe enough to stop along the busy roadway. This morning I decided to travel a country road not so well travelled, it worked and we had a couple of country caches to claim as found.

In just 30 miles, we crossed into Nova Scotia and stopped at the first info center for maps, campgrounds, ferry info and anything else I could think of asking. I had done some home work, but I always learn a little more facts when I talk to the pleasant girls at the information centers.

A perfect evening!
The noticeable things here are the names of places. Names like Pugwash Junction, Tidnish, Pictou Harbour. Of course, there are the First Nation names like Tatamagouche, Chignecto Bay. Sometimes I, our we, spend minutes trying to pronounce these names. Of course when we stop and hear a local say the pronunciations we think we have it down pat until we see the next sign and start wondering all over again.
We pulled into Seafoam campground and set up for the night. It was unbelievably hot this afternoon. The thermometer on the backside of the camper (in direct sun) read 112 degrees F and that’s not Celsius! Slipping into our bathing suits, we cooled off in the comfortable waters of Northumberland Straights. This is the body of water between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It was a perfect night. Later the barbecue was in order. The steaks were perfect!
That is what we did and saw! 

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