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Monday, July 8, 2013

Road to Labrador ~ We are on the March!

The adventure became a reality at 9:15 am this morning. It is always a rush to actually get going, but we are off and running to a good start. The ride to the Canadian border was uneventful. It is pleasant to drive through the small Vermont village towns with their green well kept lawns. There is always yard sales along the way with people out and about doing their thing.
I prefer to cross the border at the Derby Line village crossing rather than the I-91 crossing. (less traffic and no waiting)

St Anne De-Beaupre Basilica
Next order of business was a stop at the first visitor center to get a current map of the Province of Quebec. The attendant went out of his way to help us. We told him that we were headed for Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador. “Oh”! he said, “I’d better check the conditions. Yesterday the government had closed the road for a forest fire”. His computer was giving him answers in no time. The road was open, it was hazy in Happy Valley from the smoke. If the road does close again, we could alter our route and take a ferry over to Nova Scotia. He also told us that there is an RV rest area right across the street from St Anne De-Beaupre, our destination for our first night.
The weather was sunny with an outside high temperature of 88’ F. We arrived at the RV rest area AKA (campground) at 3:45 pm well head of my anticipated time. We paid $8 for the  camper and $2 a person which included guided tour of the Basilica. For a first day, we had plenty of things to visit.

That is what we did and saw!         

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