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Monday, July 15, 2013

Perce to Campbellton ~ A Whole in A Rock! (7th day)

DSC_6215 (800x530)
Perce...A hole in a Rock
A Pretty Cool Place!
This was only the second time that we stayed at an “official” campground. It was worth it for the scenery, the campground managers and especially the two other RV campers couples that we convoyed over to Tete de d’Indien (Indian Head) campground. The sun rose very early, well before I got out of bed to get that sunrise digitized. I spent a good part of the morning writing my blogs and relaxing. Helen got caught up on emails.  We said goodbye to our fellow camping buddies and drove off towards Perce. The French word perce means piercing which relates to this mountain size rock that sits just off shore from the town. The mountain has a hole at the water line. It is very unique and the town of Perce has capitalized on this for a tourist attraction. Going back one or two steps before
Geocaching at its Best!
we arrived in Perce, I had downloaded some geocaches and we found one high up on this mountain with an awesome view on the bay and cliffs. I always say “Geocaching brings you to places you normally won’t see”. While approaching the cache site, we talked to this older lady at the picnic table. We got a little local history included with this cache. In Perce, with spent two to three hours walking around and playing tourist. It got really hot and humid later in the afternoon and that was the time to leave and head for Campbellton, New Brunswick another 154 miles away. Tonight we are staying in back of a nice restaurant. The dinner meal was nice and they were even nicer to let us stay in the rear of the restaurant.

That is what we saw and did! 

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