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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gros Morne National Park ~ The Meeting of the Plates

Saturday July 20

Ron, Stein, Trudy, Cathy and Helen
The night was peaceful at Bottle Cove. It rained during the night and the wind howled just a couple of times. No one bothered us at the overlook, but we heard a sound like a car door closing a couple of times. In the morning, I figured out that the sound was coming all the way across the bay. It was the fishermen who were going to work.

The fog was present, but only at the higher elevations. We could see the bay and the driving went very well up to the next stop at the information center to get online, check email and post a couple of blogs. Off again to Deer Lake… groceries, check out the strawberry festival and lunch. Oh yes, my twenty minute nap was also included in this stop. Now from here, we turn onto RT 431 up to Wiltondale and a left turn to Trout River. The National Park Visitor Center was just around the corner. Here we paid our entry fee to the National Park (Gros Morne). The main reason for going on this side road and not the main part of the NP was that in this location we could visit the “Tablelands' ” This is one of the few places on earth that one can physically walk on a tectonic plate. You know what I mean. The continental plates that keep shifting our earth. Newfoundland actually has parts of Africa on its eastern side of the Island. Most people know I have tendency to collect rocks from different parts of the world. Well needless to say, I’m covered!

Sharecroppers...Newfoundland Cultural Trio
We were going to stay in Trout River, but once there it got foggy. Twenty five miles back to Bonne Bay and the little charming village of Woody Point.The little village with its restaurants, fishing boats, scenic mountains and cliffs was calling us. That is it. We asked the restaurant employee if we could park the night. “Go ahead”, she said. Not only that, but internet is available. Tonight we are going to listen to a Newfoundland folk band. Even entertainment to boot! Not bad for roughing the wilds of Newfoundland.

That is what we did and saw!

No… that is not all of what we did and saw! As I was finishing today’s blog our little grand-daughter called and we were able to Skype and have a video conversation. The restaurant was now closed (we were outside) and we had full bandwidth for a perfect reception both ways. Two couples walked by to check out the restaurant and first thing you know we were having a conversation with them.
They were from Alberta, Canada. Ron, Cathy,(one couple) Stein and Trudy Hess, the other couple were here doing historical tour of Newfoundland, I believe Stein is Norwegian and is interested in the Viking connection. They had been up in the St Anthony’s area earlier this past week. Ron and I spoke of the Calgary Stampede of which Helen and I had attended in 2005.

The two couples were also going to attend the “Sharecroppers’ 25th Anniversary Tour” tonight at the Merchant Warehouse. Around 7:30 pm. We walked all of 200 feet from our parked, for the night camper, to the show. Jenny and Stan the owners of the establishment greeted us along with several other guest. Jenny, (what a pleasant colorful Newfoundland character) was just as quick with the one liners as I am. Stan (reserved and not to excitable) didn’t move too quickly when Jenny said “Stan can you come inside ASAP” (as soon as possible). The other couples from Alberta arrived and we had a drink on the rear deck, on the bay side, of the  bar/restaurant. Jenny said, “We go to New Hampshire and visit a relative. Stan’s cousin Lucy's deceased husband's family own Green Mountain Furniture fairly close to our home. Stan’s cousin was actually here in Woody Point and we got to meet her during intermission. Lucy Kendall is her name. Now here is another strange moment of a small world. Lucy said that she bought a house in Milan (the next town over from us in Berlin). The house  belonged to Roland (Peanut) Dresser. He was in the National Guard with me (on my section) for many years. The house at Cedar Pond in Milan has since been sold. It truly is a small world.

Now back to the Newfoundland Trio. These guys were amazing! They were all excellent story tellers…especially in the Newfoundland story telling way. Every song presented cultural and historical views and events from Newfoundland. The trio have played  all over the globe. It was an evening that will leave an impression on us for a long time.

Walking back to the camper the moon came in and out of the clouds. The difference now was that it was high tide and the camper had water on three sides. It was safe, but sort of gave us a strange feeling. I took some night shots of the moon glistening over the water.

Now…that is what we did and saw!

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