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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Twillingate ~ There She Blows!

Tuesday, July 23
There she blows doesn’t refer to a whale, but an “Iceberg”. It was a short drive from Notre Dame Provincial Park to Twillingate. The town is very picturesque. Nearly every house has a setting of either a rock cliff or ocean for a background. Every little boat is tied next to a pile of lobster traps. I spent the afternoon and part of this evening shooting pictures. I can just, in my mind, see these pictures framed. 
The First Iceberg Sighting!

The town of Crow Head has a lighthouse high on a large outcrop of ledge. It is here that we spotted a very large iceberg floating off shore. I did get a picture, but it was bright and hazy and I hope to get better pictures later on the trip to adventure. The locals tell me it is an excellent year for viewing these giants.
This part of Newfoundland is dotted with so many little towns with unusual names…Toogood Arm, Main Tickle, Tilt Cove  and of course Dildo Run Provincial Park! Nope, I’m not kidding. Another usual saying (to us) “Skink Grub” meaning “Very Good, Delicious” was a term used in the R and J restaurant.
The weather today met our best expectations. In reality, the weather for the whole trip has been very good. Tomorrow rain showers are coming. If it is raining in the morning, we will do a driving day down to the south. If it doesn’t look too bad, we will head more to the east and follow the coastal drive route. It is a good thing that we are not on a ridged time schedule
Every Little Building is a Picture!
. There are so places to visit and so many people to talk to. Today’s encounter was with this couple from Nova Scotia. They were sitting in the R and J restaurant across from our table. I could not help starring at their table. There on the same table were two nice digital cameras. One a Nikon… the other a Cannon. Now to most people this wouldn’t matter, but it is like a Chevy and a Ford lover. It is unusual! I had to ask. So began a conversation. Heidi Muller was the Cannon owner, she is of German decent, a photographer and also an artist. We exchanged business cards and we will checkout her web page when we get a chance.

It takes balance and no fear of heights!
At the lighthouse, we took up a conversation with several local Newfoundlanders and got more tips on places to visit especially in the Bonavista area. The one thing that Helen and I can agree on is how friendly the people around here can be. Tonight we are staying in a church parking lot along with a dozen other RV’ers. The church here as a tradition of allowing RV’s to stay around the church as long as we don’t stay on the pavement and prevent church members from attending services. This church (United Methodist) has on top of the steeple a hand clenched with the index finger pointing to the heavens. A man and his daughter were taking a lot of pictures of this. He came over to us and started to tell us that he was from Burlington, VT and his grandfather had help build the original church with four steeples. Each steeple had this hand carved hand that his grandfather had made. The new church (hand) was modeled after his grandfathers’ original. Just another story in our day of adventure.
That is what we did and saw! 

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