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Sunday, July 7, 2013

St Anne De-Beaupre to Baie-Comeau (2nd day)

For some reason, I usually sleep very soundly in the truck/camper. Maybe I am tired from the days adventure, or maybe just relaxed from being away from the daily routine. The day started out with a temperature of 63’ and soon it was a bright sunny day.
DSC_5978 (800x530)
St Anne De-Beaupre and Campground
Helen wanted to checkout the other church on top of the mountain. I drove up this 21% grade hill to find out that the church was really a monastery and not open to the public. We did get a great view of the Basilica and the campground (across the street). 
A friend of mine (Ron) told me that road to Baie Comeau was good, but up and down many hills. He was so right. We went from sea level to 2,140 up and back down to sea level. My gas mileage went from close to 13 mpg to a low of 6.5 mpg. The price we pay for adventure. I put in $217.88 with an average price of $5.05 a US gal.
DSC_6027 (800x530)
Our night parking spot!
Now for the good stuff! As one drives further up the St Lawrence Sea Way, the seaway gets wider and the views are also more dramatic. We stopped at several lookouts to take in the cliffs, birds and the terrific amount of boulders that are visible at low tide. I was completely blown away with the size of Baie-Comeau. It was a sizeable town with many bike paths, walking trails along the bay. The tourist information center directed us to a cozy spot overlooking the marina and walking paths. We are here for the night. It is 8:51 pm and the locals are still out walking and enjoying the summer evening.

That is what we did and saw

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