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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cape Breton NP ~ Awesome!

This morning was time to wind down and do some physical activities. Our campground had a hiking trail to MacIntosh Falls just about
Narrow and tite!
45 minutes away from our site. The temperature this morning was 49 degrees, cool, but not bad for hiking. The higher elevation made the difference in the temperature. It was good to walk and get the old body moving again. Our little jaunt up the path to discovery was over and now time to hit the National Park and its offerings. Spectacular views around every corner... there were pullouts everywhere. We stopped at many that caught our interest. At one little town just outside the National Park, we stopped at an information center/museum. Kendall, the young lady, at the service desk was helpful. Another couple of local guys gave us some opportunities to explore a little off the beaten path. That was our calling! They said, "if you want to see some nice country, go up to the end of the road to Meat Cove". Up the road we came to little hamlets like Aspy Bay, Halibut Head. At St Margaret Village, we by passed the turn to Meat Cove and stopped for coffee at the local restaurant. The locals are always wonderful to listen to. Just across from the local hangout was a beautiful view of the bay with fishing boats. In a short time, we were parked next to the boats and watched as they w
My only regret is that I don't have my dump truck to
load all these beautiful rocks for home!
ere unloading crate after crate of crabs. A whole tractor trailer was being loaded with kids shoveling ice onto every crate. I wonder how long before the crabs make it to market or restaurants? The weather was getting warmer by the minute. The sky was blue, but one could see and smell smoke from the forest fires nearly 800 miles away in Quebec and Labrador.
Forest Fire that keep us from going to Labrador I think I was able to attach the link to the forest fire.
Back at St Margaret, we took the side road Capstick and onto Meat Cove. WOW! What a paradise! There is a campground with ocean views, cliffs, a beach and birds nesting high above in the over hanging rock outcrops. I drove the truck down this very steep narrow road and across a narrow bridge. We had lunch, talked to some people from Manchester, NH and walked the beach. I had Helen go up the steep road and take a series of pictures as I maneuvered over the bridge and up the hill.
Off to North Sydney Harbour for an overnight wait for our 5 am departure to Newfoundland. They told us that they would start loading a 3:30 am. Well... they'll start by loading all of the tractor trailers. So far, I counted 21 tractor trailers and I don’t know how many trailers they load without the tractors. It is a huge ship. It's 10 pm now and I'm beat!
That is what we did and saw! 

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