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Monday, July 22, 2013

Woody Point to Arches Provincial Park ~ The Hike!

Sunday July 21
Last night the moon was shining as we fell asleep. Later it was a different story. Lightning, thunder and heavy rain rolled in across Bonne Bay. The camper was parked into the wind and no rocking occurred. In the morning the storm had passed and it was overcast, but still fairly warm with a mild wind. 
Lucy Kendall and Helen at Lucy's home

In yesterday blog I mentioned meeting this wonderful lady from New Hampshire. She had invited us over for coffee around 9 am. Our visit with her was like visiting an old friend. She knew people who we knew back home. She made delicious quiche and biscuits. Yummy! We hope she stops in and visit us when she is in our neck of the woods.
When we left her house or journey took us all the way around Bonne Bay. When we passed her location on the other side I stopped and with a telephoto lens was able to photograph her house. I don’t know how many miles across it was across, but I’m thinking that maybe 5 to 10 miles.
Our journey now took us to many small villages. Rocky Harbour, Sally’s Cove and Cow Head.
Inside the Arches
We stopped at all of them and explored. Lucy (or NH friend told us where to find these nice colored and rounded rocks. That was Cow Head and I’ve got to stop picking those souvenirs.
Our Camping site for night!
One of the places I wanted to really checkout was Western Brook Pond. This is a pond (no I would call it a lake) that has no outlet. Created by the glacier thousands of years ago. The water is stuck between two rocky mountains. This is a fiord. The only way to access this site is by hiking roughly 2 miles in. It is a popular spot as the parking parking lot had many cars. Once there you can pay $65 per person for a two hour boat ride into the fiord. No thanks. I’ve both see many fiords in New Zealand and Europe. Hiking the well maintained trail was easy. Mostly level with a lot of varied fauna. We spent time taking close up pictures of all of the different flowers.
Tonight we are parked at Arches Provincial Park… No signs saying no overnight camping. The arches on the shore line are impressive. We walked into them and took several more pictures.
That is what we did and saw!   

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