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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cape St George ~ The Bread Experience

Friday 19th July
I hope the truck is in park!
Last night at Piccadilly campground there were only three one-nighters in the park. Plenty of local seasonal campers, but none were present. Ironically, we all went for a walk, but didn’t bump into each other for one reason or another. This morning the first couple, Roger & Susan Huss were leaving and I was outside. Susan asked, “How do you like your Lance camper”? “Fine” I said. “Did you buy it at Polar RV in New Hampshire”? “Yes”, I said. They had bought a truck camper years ago from there also. Their license plates were from NY state. We had an interesting chat for a few minutes. We exchanged business cards and they were on their way. Another nice experience to remember!

Afraid of Heights?
The purpose on this side trip, on route 460, was to explore the peninsula around St George’s Bay. Driving in a counter clockwise direction, the surroundings were of small residential homes spread along the coast line. Nothing very special so far. We stopped at the Shrine of Lourdes. The flower plantings were impressive along with the Shrine itself. About a half hour later, we reached Cape St. George. Now, I must really say that the cliffs here were the best so far on this trip. The main reason is that we were on top and we could drive right over if one wanted to commit suicide. (Not to worry, we are not going there!) The trail went up even higher and being the explorer that I am, we put the truck in low gear and up and up we went. Wow
Our Friendly Bread Makers
again! The view as we got out of the truck and walked to the edge of the 400 feet drop off the cliffs revealed hundreds of nesting birds! I had to get my tripod out to get  shots of us on the edge. If I did nothing else today my day was complete! At the base of the Cape, we stopped to see the wood fired bread oven. There were three young adults working at the oven making bread. We just happened to stop when some of the breads were coming out. Nothing  tastes as mouth watering as fresh hot bread. It was a tourist attraction that I will pass on to others. Thank you Teddie (the bread maker) Shawn, (kept them company) Jordan (the baker) for taking care of us!
Now here is the next twist to our day. Remember back at Piccadilly Campground there were three couples who were traveling? The third couple also a “Lance” camper. We didn’t get a chance to talk to them at the campground, but we did see them go by when we were at Lourdes. An hour later at Cape St. George, when we were on top of the cliff, I spotted them at the lower lookout, and they were leaving. Helen said, “Don’t go chasing them down this skidder trail”. I did take it easy and soon we caught up to them. They we staying here for the night.
“The Twist”…They had just come from going the Quebec way up to Labrador City over to Happy Valley/Goose Bay down Blanc-Sablon and over to Newfoundland. They never had a problem with the forest fires because they went through just 24 hours before we tried. I mean they were at the Manic 5 reservoir just a day before us. He did say that he did get two flat tires. One before Church Hill Falls and the other before Port Hope Simpson. He also had an extra spare in the front like me. It sort of felt good to know that it is do-able with a truck camper.
Shorty after lunch, the road was calling and Lark Harbour is waiting for us. We are in a high overlook looking Bottle Cove and Little Harbour. One of the cliffs has a large cave across the harbor. It is suppose to rain tonight and clear by noon tomorrow. With that weather forecast as Walter Cronkite would say “An that’s the way it is…Good Night!
That is what we saw and did!

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