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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

December 25, 2015
Christmas Eve at NAS (Naval Air Station) Trumbo Campground!
Dancing the night away!
Our little 5th wheel! (neighbors decorations)
This is our first Christmas away from family, up in New Hampshire, since we’ve been married (1970). Christmas Eve turned out to be a pleasant surprise for us and I think many of our fellow Trumbo campers. About a week ago, we had a community meeting and it was decided to try and do something at our pavilion. We would all bring appetizers and byob or drinks. No one knew how this would all turnout. I think the key to the evening success was a fellow retired military camper who does karaoke down in several places here in Key West. His music and his excellent voice got everyone in the groove. A few brave Trumbonians got up and did karaoke. Great time was had by all, not to mention tons of food and merriment all night. It was mentioned that we should do this again for New Years! It was a marvelous evening with a full moon! The temperature was 76 degrees with a gentle breeze from the East. We sat at a table with now, new found friends. One couple had lived in Alaska and we had plenty to talk about. Another couple was in our aerobic class and Chila (spelled correctly) recognized us. They sounded interested in trying Bocce. We’ll see if they show on Mondays and Fridays. Our schedule is starting to fill-up. Bocce on Mondays and Fridays, Aerobic classes Wednesday, Thursday and could be also on Friday, but we will stick with Bocce on that day. We haven’t checked in to the Soup Kitchen to see if they need volunteers for Sunday. We did see a couple of volunteers, who no longer work there for one reason or another. Things never stay the same and life goes on with or without us. We are grateful that we can live this vagabond lifestyle and meet interesting people.
94 year old Col. Bill signing WWII songs
Speaking of meeting interesting people, our neighbors Pat and Dan are retired FedEx pilots. He flew 30 years and she 25 years for FedEx. They flew together for 8 years (pilot and co-pilot) It’s neat to hear them talk about their travels. They flew all over the world. She would shop, say in Dubai and he loved to shop in Hong Kong. She also had her own flight school in New Jersey. They have a brand new Bentley Motor Home along with a Yacht moored at Boca Chica Mariner. Just another amazing couple that we have met here in Key West!
That is what we saw and did!

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