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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Its the Sun and Not the Temperature

Busy unpacking
A funny thing happened over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday it was cloudy, and extremely windy. We stayed indoors and kept busy. The temperature inside felt cool, not cold. Here is what I think was funny. When going outside to run errands, it was warm and breezy, a lot warmer than inside. So, to conclude, our bodies are psychology tuned into thinking when its grey and windy it must be a cold dreary day. Ah, it wasn’t cold at all, hence my synopsis is…when the sun doesn’t shine, we assume its cold and miserable outside.
Enough of Psychology 101! Today, the sun beamed on my balding head until it did its twilight disappearance.
I spent the early morning hours working outside, first cleaning the truck with a shammy and a little water. I didn’t have too much road grime, but it sure needed a good cleaning. Next, I spent time looking for lost stuff, you know, “I’m sure I packed it, but where did I put it?” Still looking for that Kindle Fire?
Around 9:30am, we drove over to the Bocce field across town. Now, normally we would bike over, but that was just another chore that I had just completed this morning. Ya, installing, a front basket, on Helen’s bike, mounting the headlights, taillights and checking batteries. Adjusting, Helen’s mirror that came loose from the trip down. I’ll have everything tuned up in a day or so. We arrived at the field and drew cards to see who would be our partners. Helen and I have never been partners, as far as I can recall. The temperature was getting hot around noon when we wrapped up the second set. My team won the first and lost the second set. I think Helen lost the first set and won the second. In any event, we had a real good time playing and chatting with new and old friends.
After lunch, I did more unpacking and worked on my ten dollar home made Tondo truck bed cover. We are starting to get into the groove of Key West, Florida life. A bunch of campers rolled in to Trumbo Campground this afternoon.

That’s what we did and saw!

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