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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Wind Down

Saturday morning December 19th, 2015
It is amazing how jet lag can hit you after driving 2003 miles nearly nonstop. We’ve been here two full days and still not fully recovered. Yesterday, we got most of our groceries and filled the refrigerator with goodies. We also found time to go to our Bocce game. We played one game of the two scheduled, but skipped the second to finish awaiting chores back at the ranch.
Even at Trumbo Campground the Spirit Shines
Now most of you will think I am bragging about the weather. Its been very, very hot! 86 degrees with high humidity. This is part of the same unusual weather in the Northeast. Fortunately, a cold front came last night and cooled us down considerably. It was definitely way too hot and humid. (don’t laugh)
Lobster Trap Decoration
Last night, we wanted to get tickets on the “Polar Express”. This is a rubber tire train with several trolley styled cars that drive around Key West looking at the Christmas lights among the residential neighborhoods. Of course, we couldn’t get tickets as several hundred military families were already booked weeks in advance. This was a special military event with tickets costing only $5 a person. The downtown tour was $25 a head. We said to ourselves, why don’t we just follow one of the five trains leaving the Sigbee campground area. That’s what we did until we came to the first traffic light. The lights are very long and by the time the 125’ train went through the intersection, naturally the light was red again. So much for that idea! We drove around and did our own sightseeing. Christmas in Key West is not like up north in New Hampshire, but it’s not say that they don’t celebrate the birth of Christ!
The evening before we did a little walking around and stopped in at the Minor Basilica Mary Star of the Sea. The choir was rehearsing, the doors were open and the church was decorated for Christmas. Walking in, I took a couple of pictures. It was a special little private welcome back to KW to us!

St Mary Star of the Sea "Nativity"

This is what we did and saw!

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